Characters of the Passion: A reading for Lent

I just finished the book, Characters of the Passion, by Fulton J. Sheen, one of two books I am read for Lent, the other is also a Sheen book, The Cross and the Beatitudes. If you have never read a Sheen book, I would recommend it, he is a gifted writer, and has a way of making God’s words seem present in todays world. The book, Characters of the Passion was written in 1947, it still holds true today.

Being only 94 pages, it is an easy read  for anyone who wants to deepen there faith. Divided into seven chapters, Sheen walks the reader through the passion of Christ using the characters of the passion, from Peter to Judas and Herod and others. Each person teaching a lesson of the passion. Sheen has the ability to give sight to the reader, sight into the mindset of the person and of the actions going on. We feel the pain of betrayal Peter must have felt and the utter disperse of Judas, the contempt of Herod and the befuddlement of Barabbas. Each giving the reader a new insight in the Passion of our Dear Lord.

The words of Sheen are timeless and true, Sheen was a visionary of our times, he saw the failings of the Western Culture and writes about it with in the pages of this book. He gives solid advice on what we, Christians, need to do and the failure to do so.  If you read no other spiritual book this year, I would recommend that you read this one, make is a Lenten reading, devote 5 minutes per day, and you will see the Passion in a whole new light.

God Bless


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