Change is hard, get over it

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Sometimes the truth hurts, and if it don’t, than its most likely not the truth.  This fact was a hard lesson, or should I say, is a hard lesson, for one of my boys to learn. But last night he learned it, I hope!

The process of change is hard, if it was not we would not have a multi-million dollar industry arranged around our need for help with change. The whole self-help industry is based on the fact that people don’t like change. And why don’t we like it, because it’s hard, if it were easy we would not need self-help gurus, books and seminars.

The not so politically correct response to the statement that change is hard, is GET OVER IT! Yes its hard, so what! Life is hard, school is hard, work is hard, being a teen is hard, being a parent is hard, being faithful is hard, trusting in God is hard….. Lots of things are hard…. So what….

Why do we, humans, always look for they path of least resistance, knowing that most likely the path of resistance is the path that we truly seek? This has been true through human history, if it was not, Adam and Eve would have never taken a bite of the apple, Jesus would have converted everyone on day one and we would have no wars. Yet Adam and Eve did take a big bite out of the apple, Jesus did not convert everyone and we have wars…

The sooner we accept that change is hard, and that we must face it, the sooner we will change. Yes, we all need help along the path of change, yes we will have set backs and yes we all will fail every-now-and-then, but so what… As long as we keep walking forward, as long as we keep trying, keep making the decision to keep moving, the change will come, it will happen and we will become the person we are seeking to become.

But if we choose not to keep walking, if we choose to say its to hard, the change we seek will always be elusive, we will never become what we have set-out to become. In the end, it is all up to us, we choose to change or we choose to find excuse not to  change. Funny how it works that way.

God Bless


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