Helping You Keep Your Lenten Commitments

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Welcome to Living Lent – Helping You Keep Your Lenten Commitments

I found this site, and thought it was cool.. It is set up for Young people, but hey, us old people need reminders also…

It’s easy, you enter your email address and or phone (I did both) and you you will get daily reminders about Lent, and a Friday reminder to not eat meet… What a simple and cool idea.

Here is the press release:

3/4/2011 – 9:17 AM PST

Catholic PRWire

Diocese of Tulsa
TULSA, OK (March 4, 2011) – The Catholic Young Adults (CYA) in the Diocese of Tulsa are taking Lent to “Web 2.0” this year as they launch a new web service: . The web service provides reminders and encouragement for users to help them keep up their Lenten sacrifices.
Although young adult Catholics made it, the service is open to everyone and would be specifically great for youth that are plugged into social networking.
Users can go to , put in their email address (or cell phone for SMS text reminders), and select daily reminders and/or Friday reminders for them to abstain from meat. Each day, users either go to the site and click “recommit” or the reminder message will be sent at the time they specified.
Call: Anthony Barber 918.740.2689 ( webmaster)
About Diocese of Tulsa CYA
Call: Joe Curry 281.725.8820 (CYA President)

“I could really use the Friday reminders… I usually remember after I start eating lunch.” Brent Rempe (CYA member)
“Hopefully users will see others keeping their Lenten commitments and will find the strength to keep their own.” (Joe Curry, CYA president, speaking about the front page, which shows a list of people who recently recommitted).
Additional Notes:
– The service is programmed not to send messages on Sundays or Feast days
– The main page displays the locations of users who recently recommitted to their Lenten sacrifice. Users can remain anonymous or share their name and what they are recommitting to.
– User suggested sacrifices are also displayed on the main page for people who struggle with what they should sacrifice.
– Links to Lenten resources (examination of conscience, Stations of the Cross, etc.) are also provided on the main page.

Catholic Young Adults – Diocese of Tulsa
http://  OK, 74169 US
Anthony Barber – Secretary, -918.740.2689

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God Bless


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