What is America?

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It seems to me that many in this great nation do not know what type of government we have. Many assume it’s a National Government (Read here). Yet The United States of America is not a National Government, but rather is it’s a Federal Government (Read here). The distention is important.

As a Federation, or Federal Government, we believe that the states, all 50 of them, hold the power, and that we, the states, grant power to the Federal Government. This power is given out sparingly for very specific reasons, and are outlined in the Constitution that defines our Federal Government. This topic, are we to be a Federal or National Government occupied the Constitutional Convention. And many great Americans debated this for years to come. Yet in the long run the concept of State Sovereignty won-out (Read this). We, the 50 independent states that make up the United States are sovereign.

The historical meaning of STATE, as in the State of Virginia, was understood to mean the country of Virginia. It was how the founding fathers understood the term, and it was how the King of England, when declaring defeat to the United States he names each State individually. This indicated that England also saw each state as a separate but equal power within the Federation.

Our first document proclaiming our nation was the Articles of Confederation (Read this), stating that each state was independent. As citizens of the United States we enjoy a duel citizenship, we are citizens of our state first and foremost and than citizens of the United States.

We, the American People, have let our FEDERAL government grab to much power, we have granted to much control and we have advocated our liberty to a constitutional government that was never set up to enjoy such a privilege.

It seems to me, that we have forgotten our founding fathers basic principles, that We The People are the power, not Them the Government. States have advocated power to the federal government and in doing so, we the people have suffered (Read this). The activist courts have created laws from the bench overriding state laws. Laws that the people have enacted in favor of individual opinions. We are taxed by a government that was never to tax individuals, it was to be the states, through the collection of state taxes, as they saw fit, who were to pay for the federation. We have given up the rights for states to choose its representatives to the senate. The 17th amendment revoked the rights of the states to appoint the senate (Read this), in essence, this amendment removed the power of the states to place in the Federal Government a representative that have in mind the state and not the district they came from. The House was the peoples representative, the Senate was the states. This amendment fundamentally changed the way the States and the Federal Government worked together.

We are lost in the political jungle, but all is not hopeless, we can reclaim our rights, reclaim out Sovereignty we can re-create the Federal system that was envisioned and enacted by our founding fathers. We can do honor to the hero’s who have fought for this great nation of ours. We just need to educate ourselves and our children. We need to have passion for our liberties and freedoms and we have to be willing to fight for them.

God Bless


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