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The government employee unions created by PERA may be the single largest obstacle to restoring the state’s prosperity. Collective bargaining for government employees is not an inalienable right, and its practice in Michigan has added billions of dollars to the cost of government. The repeal or restructuring of PERA could resolve the state’s chronic fiscal crisis. PERA is long overdue for a thorough re-examination, leading to the rewriting or repeal of the law. (source)

I, as anyone who has ever read my blog or talked to me, am not a union supporter. Now, I do believe, that at one time in our history unions were needed and did provide for the betterment of the American Workforce, but that day is long gone. No-longer do we need a socialistic group to represent the collective needs of its workers. The American workforce landscape has changed. The unions represent a group think that is not positive to the economy nor to the workers they are to represent.

The protest and reactions to local and state governments trying to get there financial houses in order is a testament to how out of touch the unions are. This country is in a depression, economically as well as morally. We are spending more than we have, yet the unions still feel they are owed more and more, unwilling to give up, as the privet sector has. We can not continue in in this fashion if we ever wish to dig our way out of this hell hole we have placed our selves in. 

I have often asked, “If unions are so good, and so helpful, than why are people forced to join?” Common sense dictates that if a particular institution was beneficial to me, I would, of my own will join it. But unions offer me no choice, if I wish to teach, I must join the union, if I wish to become a fire fighter, I must join the union… Even if I do not wish to do so… Sounds like forced participation to me. Yet if I forced everyone who worked for my company to become a Catholic or they could not work for me, I would be accused of discrimination, and rightly so. Yet with unions ( a form or socialism) it is perfectly acceptable, and in fact it is law. Hmmm….

I believe that unions once served a purpose, but that time has passed us by. It is time to move on, its time to start to take responsibility unto yourselves. Unions, to me, take away my personal responsibility and places it in to the hands of people with there own personal agenda. I advocate myself to others, not a good thing.

The United States of America is going through a change, we are growing up, and the times of the Unions is coming to an end, and God willing it will end peacefully.


God Bless


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