The American Moral Compass… Is Lost

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The moral compass of America is lost, we live is a nation that allows the murder of the unborn, elderly and sick. We live in a nation that allows our youth to get abortions on demand but need a parent to sign a waiver to get ear piercings. The morning after pill is available to all to take “care” of that little issue and now they want to allow youth of any age access to this drug that murders innocent life. Yet we feel compelled to regulate the Happy Meal… Can someone please help me out here, I am at a lost to understand this logic… Oh, wait, I get it not, logic has nothing to do with it….

We have a generation of youth that have grown up with the twisted notion that abortion on demand is normal, part of our Constitutional rights and something our Founding Fathers (if they even know who they are) intended. We have young girls that feel murder is a choice. We have young men who know there one-night-stands can be “taken care” of without any repercussions.

You tell me how this is liberating, how this is, in any way, shape or form, woman’s liberation! We have grown accustom to murder happening daily in our lives, and yet we fail to see anything wrong with it. But the wrath of God will come down upon you if you even think about offending a minority, unless, of course, that minority is Christianity, the source and summit of all evil in the world, according to the media. 

We have children’s books depicting sexual acts, yet we have to remove words from Mark Twain’s classic Huck Finn… We teach 5 year olds about gay sex, yet we fail to teach them morality for fear of imposing our own views upon them.

We allow artist to depict Christ, Mary the mother of God and other Saints and Holy People in sexual acts, but the political cartoonist who dares to draw Muhammad has a price upon their head and the liberal media swarm in to attack them.

The moral compass that created this great nation of ours, that guided us for over 200 years has been lost. We have a President that  devalues life and embraces the world radicals and dictators over the freedoms of democracy.

You tell me… Am I wrong, what am I missing…..

I pray that God will continue to bless this great Nation of ours, that the United States of America will once again be the light on the hill for all to see, that we once again will be the protectors of freedom and we will reclaim our morality. God willing America will shine once more. But we, the American people, have to stand tall and take back what is ours, we have to reclaim the  government and demand a moral stance.

We are not powerless unless we allow ourselves to be. This is our Country, one that can once again be what she once was, the envy of the world. Not for our material wealth, but for our moral fiber, for our convictions and our leadership in freedom.

The fight is just begun, and we have an uphill battle, but America was founded upon the reality of an uphill battle, we have always had to fight our way to the top, and we can do it again… If we want. And we truly have to want it, we have to fight, we have to take back what is ours. America does not belong to the government, but rather she belongs to the people.

God Bless


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