American short term memory loss

Rick Snyder for Governor Yard Sign

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The American people have a tendency to forget quickly…. This past November we held local, state and national elections all over our great nation. Overwhelmingly we voted for conservatives,  we told the powers that that be that we no longer wanted our government to spend our money freely, that we wanted accountability.

In my great state of Michigan we did just that. We voted in a man who promised to make the hard decisions, to fix our broken system and to make Michigan great once again. We voted for the self proclaimed nerd, Rick Snyder, and he won with overwhelming support. And he has submitted his first budget as governor, and, wait for it, he did what he said he was going to do, he make the hard decisions, made cuts and shared the sacrifice. And now the people are complaining… Go figure!

Why are they complaining? They voted for him (I know not everyone did, but most did). They are complaining because the sacrifice has hit them also. Unlike other politicians, Rick did what he said he was gong to do, to share the burden, to cut from everywhere and fix what was broken. Michigan was not working, it was broke, and doing business as usual was not an option. So now is the time to fix it and move on. But the fix has to be, wait for it, “Fair”. Yes I know, I just used a liberal word here. But I mean truly fair, as in everyone helps to fix it, everyone gives something up, every one pays the price. Not just the “rich” or the “fat cats” but everyone, including the unions. Yes I said it, even the unions. But Rick went even further, he also included the golden calf, the state workers and there beloved pensions…

It is time for Americans to wake up, the liberal social point of view, the idea of a nanny state is bankrupting our cities, states and this nation. The government, be it local or national, was not established to care for your every needs, yet we expect it to. And when the money runs out, like it is now, we are shocked and dismayed. Silly us….!

We, like the rest of the world, are having our own uprising, we too are fighting to take back our government. God willing, it will not become violent, and we will have ourselves a silent revolution, one done through the power of the vote. Yet we must also remain steadfast in our convictions, and our American short term memory loss needs to be fixed. Fixing what took decades to create is not going to be easy, nor is it going to be fun, but it needs to be done.

It is time for Americans to grow up at decide to take care of themselves. The whole idea of interments is a flawed idea, an idea that takes way our freedoms and or own personal responsibility. We have become a nation of give me, and no longer a nation of doing. Well my friends it is time we start doing! It is time that we, the citizens, take care of each other, a time the we the people fight for our God given right to choose our own path, to forge anew and reawaken our American spirit. It is time to reclaim America, reclaim our states and our dignity.

God Bless


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