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It is often said that America is becoming more and more like Europe, less religious more secular. And more than not we accept this. All we have to do is look around us, listen to the news or watch TV. The American pop culture is non-religious, the news tells us we are non-religious and if we are religious we are out of step with the enlighten world. Obama himself made faith sound like a bad thing when during his campaign (that has never ended) he said that we cling to our faith and guns. But what do the facts tell us, what is the true pulse of American and her faith life.

Americans‘ self-reported church attendance has continued to inch up in 2010, with 43.1% of Americans reporting weekly or almost weekly attendance. This is up slightly from 42.8% in 2009 and 42.1% in 2008. The increase comes as Americans’ economic confidence has also risen, suggesting that, instead of church attendance rising when economic times get bad, as some theorize, the opposite pattern may be occurring. (source)


Our faith is part of the American fabric, it is who we are as a nation. Our founding fathers knew this and they lived it. The letters and documents that they left behind show us how their faith impacted there daily lives, helped to frame our nation and create the America we live in now. The current group of anti-religious politicians, celebrities and news peddlers is nothing new. We have always had them among us, the difference now is that they have access to us 24/7. With cable news the internet, twitter, Facebook and the rest we are under constant assault. But we too, as a faith community have access to the same. We to can fight back and publish news reports, share links and twitter too our hearts content about the faith in American.

The Church stands as a visible symbol of what America is, America was founded on the principle of religious expression.  Our nation is a nation of faith a nation of believers.



It is our faith and our trust in humanity that makes us the greatest nation on earth, it is what makes us the shining city upon the hill that the worlds poor and outcast risk there lives to come to our shores. It is what makes America exceptional…

God Bless


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