Obama makes it look like President Bush shopped at Wal-Mart


In truth I need to write nothing, there is nothing I can really add to this…. But a blog is about writing, so here I go…

President Bush, at the time, was called in to check, rightly so, for spending way to much of our children’s money. But from what I can tell Obama and his administration make President Bush look like a cheep-o …. The money that he and his people has spent has not only dipped into our children’s money, but there children’s also.

In the name of progress and Change we can believe in, Obama has spent our nation into near bankruptcy. The liberals rally call of “Its all free for the taken” has devastated our budget and placed America, the once power house of the economic world, i n peril.  The Chinese government owns most of our debt and at anytime could decide to call in in, for cash, The value of the American dollar is down and the moral of a nation is on shaky ground. The trust of the people in the government, whom we elect to work for us, has shifted to a distrust in a government whom we work for.

The founding Fathers of this great nation must be rolling over in the graves, looking down upon us with grim faces and asking the question that all Americans should be asking themselves “What the hell is going on”.

How did we ever get to a point in our history were we, Americans, felt that the government was meant to support us, to provide for us. Reading the founding documents, I find nothing in them that would indicate that. Reading the founding fathers, or at least starting too, I have found nothing, so far in what I have read, that would support “Big Government” . In-fact I find just the opposite, I find that the framers of America did everything humanly possible to not allow the government to get this big. They did not want a nanny state, they wanted a free society that was able to fend for itself. And a government that was to protect the borders (something Obama must have skipped over) and provide the protection that allows for our liberties. Yet as we see, the government under Obama has grown, making government more, not less, intrusive in our lives.

With ObamCare we now have a government that will decide what health care I have, who I see and even force me to purchase health care, that I, as a free person, may not want. What is next, all Americans must purchase a GM volt, or you will be taxed, and the IRS will look in to if. Sounds far off, but just a little over two years ago I thought the idea of forced insurance and the IRS checking to make sure you have health insurance was far off. So far off, it never even entered my mind, yet here it is, right in the ObamaCare bill, the IRS is the watch dog for forced heath care.

It almost sounds like one of those bad science fiction movie plots. You know the ones, were the government, in order to create a more perfect union, took over the lives of all, even deciding when they should die.  You know, like the movie “Soylent Green”, of “1984”. Scary to think about, but just take a look at that ObamaCare bill, read the 2000 pages, and then look at the above budget again, and ask yourselves “Is it really that hard to believe”. Sadly, no it’s not, but it should be,

America is not supposed to look like this, this is not what the framers set out to create, somewhere along the way we got lost. We got lost in the “New Deal” and the “Great Society” rhetoric that has created a nation of dependent people.  We, the people, are not supposed to be dependent on the government, the government is supposed to be dependent on us, the people. But once again, look at the graphic up top, and ask yourself, who is dependent on whom?

God Bless


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One thought on “Obama makes it look like President Bush shopped at Wal-Mart

  1. Hi,

    Economics, isn’t that everyone’s problem? Everyone I know anyway and no matter who is elected it never gets fixed.

    I’ve done some research on the subject and have come to the conclusion that the reason it doesn’t get fixed is because no one knows what the problem is.

    In a nutshell – the banking system.

    All money comes into existence as a loan to be paid back with interest. When a loan is made the money pops into existance and when paid back it pops out of existance. Dollar bills ? – no exception, the government takes out a loan. As security for the loan they issue treasury bills. The government then buys back these bills printing money to pay for them. Thats good, it sort of works, so what is the problem? Interest – collectively all these lending institutions are allways asking in return more money than they actually issue. The interest would alone eventually bankrupt the country and that in a short time. Take a pencil and paper and figure it out.

    What speeds up this process is the money that leaves the country when you import more than you export, when you go on vacation to Mexico or send money to poor relatives and charities outside the country. In return for a number in the banks ledger these financial institutions gain control of the country’s real wealth – goods, services and property.

    So why the recent bank troubles – cash flow – the banks own so much property (much of which is not producing income for them) that they can’t pay the taxes and upkeep associated with it.

    The solution to the problem, simple. Stop issuing government securities. When the banks need cash let them borrow from the government. Goods, services and property would then via the government be returned to the people.




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