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With tax day looming over us all, many people are just asking them selves, when will it all end. When will the government learn that you can not spend what you do not have. Now understand that I have no problem paying my taxies, I understand that the US government needs the cash to pay its bills. No problem, I know the armed forces need cash to pay for their daily operations and I understand that politicians do get a pay check. So yes, I do believe that we all need to pay taxies.


I also understand that when I have no money I can’t spend money. But the government seems to forget this little tid-bit. Due to there spending hobbits, the US government, on your behalf, has spent $30,543 per American household (source: January 2011 Townhall magazine pg. 21 (Rasmussen Report, Gallup)). So if the average household is 3 people, Mom, Dad and Child, that would work out to be $10,181 per person. Your child will owe that back, the government is not spending our tax dollars, nope that has already been spent, they are spending our children’s money.



That, my friends, is one big number. That is a lot of money, and each and everyone of us owes it, to the tune of $45,207.10. That’s every man, woman and child. So that new born baby, yet in debt to the tune of $45,207.10 as of January 5th.  That $123.85 per day. That is more than some people earn per day. That $866.89 per week or $3467.94 per month… Not a bad monthly wage for someone.

  • In 2008, $242 billion was spent on interest payments servicing the debt, out of a total tax revenue of $2.5 trillion, or 9.6%. Including non-cash interest accrued primarily for Social Security, interest was $454 billion or 18% of tax revenue.[36] (source)


By 2011 it is predicted that America will be 100% debt to GDP, this, as I am sure you know, is not a good thing. America needs to get its house in order, and the process has to start today! We, the American people, need to hold our representatives accountable for the spending. We, the American people, need to stop looking to the government to fix all our problems, we need to break our addiction to government programs and subsidies. It is time for Americans to grow up and take care of themselves!

Just some interesting facts to think about. It took me maybe 30 minutes to find the facts and read over the information used for the above posting. But it was time well spent. I would encourage everyone to do the same, spend some time learning about your Government and what they are doing to bankrupt America.

God Bless


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