5 thoughts on “Pope’s message to the world

  1. All that the Pope says in the above video, I have been studying the human race, more so its dark side and sure enough the pope is right on the button, and the way back from this dark side is being dealt with as explained in my blog. AND IT WILL NOT BE A GOOD TIME. Even so I have a greater amount of information describing the journy back from the pit of human degradation which at this time shall remain sacrosanct and will only be disclosed when the divine deams that I may do so.


  2. Just wait for the biggest upset which is about to befall Catholicism. 3 anglican Bishops from the Church of England who are married have been accepted into Catholicism. Now just wait for the backlash when the Catholic clergy begin to use the human rights arguement so that they can also get married and have a familiy. Its on the way no matter what the pope says.


      • Thank you for your coment. Pope Church, same difference really. The pope represents the Church as the mouth piece to the masses. Then I was right regarding the Catholic Church having preists and are going to have more as the religion sinks into the abyss.


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