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Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year! May God Bless you and keep you in his loving arms! As the New Year approaches I thought I would take sometime to reflect upon the Old Year. Over the past year my life has changed, my household has changed and well, just about everything has changed. Some for the better others not, but change is, overall, a good thing. So lets take a look back shall we….


The above was going to be my opening line for todays posting, but I have decided not to write that, for many reasons, one being I am not good with details and dates and such, so sometimes I am not sure when an event took place, was it January of 2010 or December of 2009… Also I decided that any major event was already posted here, so if you want to know what went on in 2010, just look at the old posts… So now what….

I still like the title Reflections, so I will keep it, but now I have to write something to fit the title… an interesting writing exercise, I have done it before, and I have always enjoyed the outcome. I like to see what comes to mind and how I can twist it to fit the title…. So lets see what may come…


Over the holiday session I love to watch holiday movies. In-fact I have a rule in my house, From Thanksgiving until Christmas, the only movies I watch are Christmas movies, so needles to say I have lots and lots of them, some better than others, but they all get one viewing during the session, some get many viewings, such as “White Christmas” or “Holiday Inn”  and the classic “It’s a wonderful life”.

But this session I think I found a new Christmas classic, “Beyond Tomorrow”. Beyond Tomorrow is a 220px-Beyond_Tomorrow_posterdelightful movie that will inspire and entertain you, and like many Christmas movies, it can be enjoyed all year long.  I would recommend it to anyone who loves old movies, movies with a simplicity and style to them. My love of Christmas movies has netted me many hours of pure enjoyment, much like my love of Christmas music, as any reader of this blog knows.

My love of old movies is nothing new, I have also posted about them… My collection of old movies keeps growing, and this Christmas I have added over 60 new movies to my collection. I must say I love the fact that you can get more than one movie on a DVD, and I love the fact that with the older movies they are doing more and more of that.

A lot of the older movies are in the Public Domain, meaning there is no copywrite on them, so companies can freely use them and distribute them. This allows many companies to create DVD sets with hundreds of old movies on them. I have several of those sets. Sure some of the movies are not worth the time but over all it makes for an enjoyable watching experience.

Now before you start to think that all I do is watch old movies, I also got a few books to read this Christmas… And truth be told, I truly do not watch a lot of TV or movies. But I will admit that I have been known to sit from the time I wake at 7am or so until the time I go to bed at 10 or so to do nothing but watch old movies. And I will also admit I have done the same with books (more often than not it is with books). But I do live my movie days, just sitting and watching old movies…

As part of my New Years resolution I am am going to attempt to blog more about current Catholic/Political and Social issues, to add more links to facts and background data. Normally I don’t offer much of that, I am not one who likes to research, and when I do, I am not one who makes good notes. So the end result are articles that contain facts, but very often no link to the fact. The reader just has to take my word for it. If I am to do this, I will not be able to post daily, not that I have been, but I would have to post maybe weekly or something like that. But that is my resolution this year, to offer more facts and to back up the facts with links. I have done it in the past, it just takes some time. So look for it in 2011… Not sure what my first article will be, but I will try to post it with in the first few days of 2011… Until than….

Happy New Year and God Bless


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