The Just are Generation

As many of you know, I am a Catholic, I am conservative and I am a proud American. I feel that all 3 of the titles I just gave myself define me, and each one is dependant upon the other to totally define me. I would not be who I am, if I was not Catholic, nor would I be the same person I am if I was liberal, yet with out my being American I do not feel I would be the same.  Even if I was Catholic, Conservative but was a German, I would not be the same. Each part makes up the whole.

I bring this up because I was reminded of conversations I have had in the past with people. People who seem to be able to remove or separate the different aspects of there lives. For example one may claim to be a “conservative” on social issues but a “liberal” Catholic. This is just nuts to me; it’s like having two personalities. I have also heard people claim to be not American, but universal or global citizens… Really, so who will defend you…? What country will claim you? It’s like saying you’re not married, your just there… Who would truly want that?

In today’s world many state they would want that, a life with no connections, no alliances no demands and many live like that… And we are seeing the fruits of such a life. We have teens that have issues with authority, because they feel no duty to there city, schools or nation. They have no faith to hang there hat on and no ideology to direct them. They a neither here nor there, they just are.

In-fact we have a whole generation of “just are” youth… Scary…. Because one day the “Just Are” will be caring for us, and we will become the “Just was”, no longer of any value to them, easily dismissed and discarded. We see it happening now, with abortion on demand, the killing of the old is not to far behind…. Mark my words, it will happen if we do not change this nation, our youth.

We must teach them to love, respect and honor this great nation of ours, we must place God above all and religion needs to be the center of our family life, once again.

The American sprit is a strong spirit and can with stand the storm, the American people are strong people and can fight the good fight and God is all, and He will wait for us… But time is running out, we have one generation already that is lost and confused, can we truly afford another?

Just something to think about…

God Bless


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