The Drama…. continued yet again


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This coming week is a big week in the continuing story of the Drama. This week I head of to court to get the final court appointed guardianship papers. Wednesday he will no longer have to worry about who will care for him, if he will be removed from the house or what his legal status is. As of Wednesday afternoon he will be under my care.

Now for those that know me, they may be saying an extra prayer for the young man, and wondering if the state knows what they are doing…. But rest assured, he will be safe and sound. With Christmas upon us, he has already received one of his gifts, the gift of a family that loves him, a family that wants him and who will care for him.

I know I should no-longer be in shock, but I am, I just do not understand his “mother”. How can his own blood treat him as something that can be discarded, like an old used tire? How can she sleep at night? I just don’t get it.

Sure, he has his “problems”, he thinks he should be able to do as he pleases, he thinks he is all that, and a bag of chips and he thinks all adults are stupid. But what teen does not? These are normal everyday teen issues. With a little discipline, love and understanding, he has grown and changed, and with more of the same, he will become an outstanding member of society, one that will add joy to this world.

Her idea of child rearing is to be their friend, to let them do as they please and to treat them as an equal. None of which work, and never will work. Parents are not friends to their children, they are parents. Discipline is not a bad think, it is, if used correctly, a tool that will help shape your child. But in her mind, it took time away from her, and she wanted all her time to be hers. The children she brought in to the world are nothing more than a burden. They are not something to nurture and love, but rather something to dismiss and use as fashion accessory. To bring them along to show off, and to dismiss when they are no-longer fashionable, that happens about the teenage years. I just don’t get it!

But at least I know the one that lives with me and the one that is currently with their father will do fine. It is the youngest one that I am not concerned with. At the age of 9 he is still fashionable, but soon he will no-longer be, soon he will be disregarded like the others. His father is fighting for him, so I pray that soon he too will be same and sound, in a home that love and discipline are used, But until then I worry.

I know her, she is unstable at best and I would have to say a tad-bit crazy, she has already moved to a new “home” with out telling her husband where she is, what is to stop her from just picking up and moving out-of-state? Nothing, she cares for know one but herself, so she has nothing keeping her rooted her or anywhere. She is basically NUTS! But we all know this….

Well, the drama, at least for one, will end this Wednesday, lets hope and pray that it will also end soon for the youngest brother. Keep praying for them all

God Bless


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