Christmas time is hear again

The Christmas session has started, and for some it is way to soon. They don’t like seeing the stores all decorated or hearing Christmas music on the radio already. As for me, well the session never really ends. I love Christmas music, and I play it all year-long, as for decorations, well some stay up in my house all year-long, and I thought I could get away with it, I think I would keep them all up. But I have a feeling even my own family would place me in a home if I did that.

My dream job, to own a Christmas store that is open all year-long, like Bronners( ) in Frankenmuth. To open up a store that is a destination for families, a place where traditions are made. For me, that would be the perfect job. I can be sounded by Christmas decorations and music all year-long… That would be heaven on earth.

This Christmas will be different for me, with a new young man in the house, it will require more gift purchases more of everything. But it will also add more excitement. I am looking forward to Christmas morning, to his face along with my other young man. To experience, for the first time, a Christmas morning in my house, filled with the sounds of youth.

Yep, for some Christmas comes to soon, but for me it never really ends. Who doesn’t like to hear Bing sing White Christmas? Or hear Sinatra with his classic Jingle Bells, you know the one were they spell it out, “I love those J-I-N-G-L-E  B-E double L’s Jingle Bells all the way”. He puts such a swing in to it. Or what is wrong to listening to Andy Williams sing Ave Maria in the middle of the summer? To me the must invokes memories of family and love, of happy times. So why not listen to it all year-long?

What I think is this, that people who don’t like Christmas starting to early don’t truly understand Christmas. I have had several friends tell me that they don’t like it, that they get stressed by it, that it’s all too much. To me that means they truly do not understand Christmas. How can the birth of our Lord be too much, how can the savior being born be stressful? Maybe they are just a little to concerned about the secular side of Christmas and the spiritual side.

Sure we are made to belive that we have to spend, spend and spend even more, that our kids need this and that or they will never be happy. But if we allow ourselves to fall in to that trap, whose fault is it? One of my friends made the statement that they did not like Christmas because they didn’t get anything? Really, the salvation of your soul is nothing? With out the birth of Christ we would have no Easter Resurrection…

So sure, if you look at Christmas through the eyes of the world, it can all be too much, but if you look at Christmas through the eyes of God, it is never enough. So ya, I think we all could use a little Christmas all year-long. It can’t hurt, that’s for sure.

God Bless


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