Trust in The American Catholic Council or God?

In the last posting I was referring to a orginization called the American Catholic Council (ACC), a orginization established to consider the state and future of our Church. So they say, looking at the web site I would have to say they are established to abolish the Catholic faith and all her traditions, both capital “T” and lower case “t”.

Just looking at the menu picks on the right hand side of the web page should give any Catholic the shivers:

  • Who We Are
  • Constitutional Catholicism
  • Catholic Democracy
  • Really, a Democracy and Constitution, come on now, just look at how the political liberals have ripped apart the Constitution of the United States and how Obama and company want to reshape our Democracy into Socialism. Can the liberals of this organization truly be any different.

    But if that don’t get you just look at how well the liberals did over the past 20 years or so. The sex abuse cases, most of them happened during the “free love” generations control of the Church. The priest who make it up as they go along, yep all post Vatican II, and the nuns who now all think they should be ordained priest, yep liberal Catholics. So sure, I want to trust them with my faith, my Church, NOT!

    Once again the minority, the liberal catholics in this case, feel they know better than the majority. Look at any seminary around the nation, look at the numbers of new priest or young men studying to be priest, they all come from, or a majority of them come from, good solid conservative Catholic parishes, were the priest are celebrated and the faith is sacred.

    The whole idea of an “American” Catholic Church flies in the face of Catholicism, Universal, Church. We can not be of one body if we are of different ideology. How can one be united, yet divided. They do not seek to grow the church for the betterment of mankind, but for the betterment of themselves.

    The Catholic Faith is a faith of selfless giving, giving total of self daily. Giving of yourself to the Parish, the Universal Church and to God. And in doing so, sometime we are called to give even when we do not fully understand, trusting in and relying on God and His divine providence and grace.

    Yet the liberals would rather trust in humanity and her fallen nature than a loving and all-knowing God. As for me, I will trust in God and His plan over the ACC and day of the week.

    Yet, as we see in our political lives as well as in our faith lives, the liberals trust in government, be it the federal government or the new church government they would establish. They have no faith in the individual, regardless of what they claim on their website or in the rhetoric. They trust only institutions that control and govern over the public, or in this case over the pews.

    Do we really want to risk voting for our Bishops and priest, do we really want to legislate our faith. The liberals voted in the current socialist, Obama, and the current lame duck congress, who have voted in the largest tax bill ever, ObamaCare. They have taken control of one-third of our economy, all in the name of “progress” and “fairness”. Do we, the faithful, really want that for our Church, the Church established by Jesus Christ himself?

    Do you not think that if Jesus wanted a democratic Church, He would have established it. Would he not have taken votes with the 12 to decide if he should cure the blind or feed the people. would He not have held elections for the first pope, and not just selected Peter all on His own.

    Am I to belive that this fringe group knows better than Jesus, that they are more enlightened than He. I think not! What a scary thought, that humanity, a fallen humanity, wants to take control of the Church. We have done enough damage to the Church as caretakers over the last 2000 years or so, just think of the damage we could and would do if we took total control. It think not!

    God Bless


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