Fire them all

Recently my sister told me that a mutual friend of ours (well to tell the truth, an ex-friend of mine) was complaining that the Catholic Church here in Detroit was banning anyone who works for the Church from attending certain “Catholic Branded” events. The friend works for a local parish and is a liberal Catholic, she believes in all the “modern” liberal junk like Woman Priest, Married Priest, Openly Gay Priest and all the rest of that crap. She is a man hater and a “victim” as all good liberal woman are.  Nothing is her fault and the men of the world are nothing but male  pigs who only want to control and conquer. You know they type…

The funny thing is, I use to be friends with her, how I will never know, but it had to be through the grace of God that we were friends. I use to tell her that I was friends with her because God wanted me to convert her back to being a Catholic, a true Catholic… I’m not so sure that I was really joking, but I failed, I was unable to do it, I was unable to withstand the drama, the attacks and the man hating any longer and I just gave up. Now the truth be told, I was not the one who gave up on the friendship, she did. She stopped calling, stopped wanting to do dinner or just to talk. I because the anti-christ in her eyes, and I was to be feared and hated. So after one year of trying to maintain the friendship, I just gave up, I caved in and said, so-be-it, I am done.

But back to the main point, she, my ex-friend, was upset that the Church stated that workers of the Church were not allowed to attend such events. My sister was telling me this, knowing how I would react, and she, not knowing the full story, took the side of my friend. I explained to her, my sister, that the Church was only protecting herself, that if someone like my ex-friend, who is a religious education director, was seem entering or exiting such an event, it would give credibility to the event to some. That some with in the parish/Church would argue that is an employe of the Church was allowed to attend, and most likely belive the teachings of said event, than it must be allowed by the Church. My sisters response, The Church has no right to tell her what she can do after hours. Hmmm…. Interesting comment…. I reminded my sister that she was the one who said the ex-friend was a hypocrite for teaching one thing and believing something directly opposite, that she should not be teaching in the Church, that the Church should not allow it. Her reply, but this is after “Church Hours”.

My thoughts on the “Church Hours”, I didn’t know that the faith had open and close hours, I didn’t know that the Church had hours of operation. She, the ex-friend, represents the Church directly because of her position and title with-in the Church. She is the public face of the Parish and her actions, right or wrong, are under more scrutiny that the average parishioner. You and I as pew sitters are called to be the Church to all we come in contact with, when our co-workers see a pro-life or pro-abort bumper sticker on our cares, we are sending a message, good or bad, about the Catholic Church. But how much more so is she, an employee of the Church?The argument that the Church has no right to dictate to her employees what they can and cannot attend, to me is a moot point. The Church as an employer has the same basic rights as another corporation in this nation, and as I recall one hospital has banned the hiring of employees who smoke, the liberals where delighted, but now that a liberal is being governed by a rule that infringes upon their rights, all hell breaks loose.

To me the Church has ever right to dictate what her employees do, the Church is not your “everyday” cooperation, it’s a divine cooperation, one established on earth by Jesus Christ himself, one established for the sole purpose of saving souls, and the actions of her employees can have an adverse effect on this mission. Yes, I think the Church has every right to fire any and all employees who do not follow the magisterium of the Catholic Church, to remove from ministry any person who flies in direct opposition of the teachings and authority of the Church. I think the time has come for the Church to once again reclaim her rightful place as the moral leader with in the world, and this cannot be done, nor taken seriously if her own embassadors, the ministers and employees, are in total defiance to what she stands for.

God Bless


2 thoughts on “Fire them all

  1. Amazing story about your friend. That definitely says it all. “Church” is something you do for a living — it’s your day job. Then “after Church Hours” you relentlessly attack the Faith. Logic doesn’t really work in these situations. The only reasonable solution is found in the title of this post. When we say “them all” it follows the causal chain up as high as is practical … let’s say, at least with administrators who hired and failed to monitor or care about the beliefs of their own teachers of youth.


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