The Drama.. Part whatever…

So, the mother strikes again… Saturday we spent all day enjoying ourselves in Frankenmuth Michigan, a little tourist town about 2 hours north of Detroit. It’s just a nice place to visit to get into the Christmas spirit… And it worked! Upon arriving home we were told that “the mother” called and had a message for her son. Basically the message was, “You have your life, I have mine, you stay out of mine, I will stay out of yours.” “Oh and by the way I have moved and I am not telling you were”. Nice… So mature and motherly. I was not pleased, but when I saw the look on his face I was more than not pleased, I was “fit-to-be-tied” and the saying goes. I was seeing red and ready to pounce. But of course I didn’t and he, he handled it like a champ. I was extremely pleased with him, he made me proud and he was a better man than I, because I wanted to do some harm, he just took it all in.

Sure he was hurt, I saw it in his face, the look of total rejection, rejection from the one person in the world who should love him no matter what, his own mother. That look killed me, it was a look that i wish never to see again on his young face, and a look he should never have had to have. But he handled it, handled it like a pro. And that in-of-it-self says something, it says that he has had to handle rejection of this sort way to much.

I just don’t understand parents like that. I just don’t get it! He is her own child, yet she has rejected him. How can anyone do that, I never could, and I am not even his parent. I just don’t get it!

We, he and I, talked about it last night, and his head is on straight, he is hopping and willing to make a relationship with his mother. He is willing to forgive and to move on. And I told him he was a better man than I, that I do not think I could be that forgiving. I know myself, and I know that I hold grudges way to long. It is something I am working on, but I know myself well enough to know that he is stronger than I. But maybe it’s because he has to be, he has to let go more than I do just to survive. I don’t know for sure, but just maybe that is why.

Well tonight I will spend the evening with him at his school for a pot luck dinner for all parents of the wrestling team, I will be there for him and proudly state that I am his parent. She wont, so I will gladly take the honor!

Please pray for him…

God Bless


2 thoughts on “The Drama.. Part whatever…

  1. oh .. that just breaks my heart. My mother used to tell us as youngsters that “some people should never be parents” and I think this kind of situation is what she meant that comment for. Thank God he has YOU in his life; a man who is not only there, but is walking the walk. Prayers for you both. She may come around to the right way of thinking but … probably not. Just my experience. In the meantime you’ll show him the way. Peace!


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