The Drama… Part 5

Yesterday, November 10th was to be my day in court, to gain guardianship of the young man living with me. But as I mentioned before, the mother (if I can call her that) canceled the hearing back on the 18th of October. But I was still downtown on the 10th, all day, fighting for him, and I won!

The courts have granted me Temporary Guardianship until the full hearing on December 15th, were I will receive Full Guardianship of him until he is 18. So basically his mothers attempt to hurt me has back fired. Yes I know, as a Christian I should not gloat about her bad fortune, but I am.

As I was waiting, along with him Probation Officer, we talked about him, his mother and his younger brothers. And I will admit that I did and do want to see revenge on her; I want to see her pay for her actions. Now some of you are saying that by me getting her son I have my revenge. And I would agree if she was a normal parent, but she is not. In truth I really don’t think she will care, she hasn’t contacted him in over a month, she refuses to talk to him on the phone, and she either won’t answer or hangs up on him. So no, I don’t see this as revenge. But I do know what will hurt her, what will make her stop and think. Take money from her, make her pay the course for wasting her time, take away her food stamps, Its money and herself that she truly loves, not her kids, sad as that is to say.

So what’s next, after the December court date, the drama should be over, but we will see. I still have to go to the schools, I will Friday morning, and re-present my Guardianship papers, fill out all new emergency cards and such. But that is a small price to pay for the life of a child. And I am still concerned about the youngest brother; he still lives with that unstable parental unit called his mom. The dad is talking to his lawyers about getting him, and I will do what ever I can to help him in doing so, but as of December 15 life should be good for my new nephew and me. Pray for us, pray for his brothers and pray for his mom, that she may one day grow-up and see all that she has done. That she will see that it is not all about her, but rather all about her children and others.

God Bless


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