Catholics that want to make there own Church

This is another in a series of articles exposing the deeply fallacious claims of the “American Catholic Council,” which plans to convene in Detroit in June of 2011 to pursue an “American Catholic Church.” In this installment, their recent claim to be in accord with Canon Law is discredited by the Code of Canon Law itself, as well as by authoritative commentary from The Canon Law Society of America.

The Above article is a perfect example of Catholics who truly want to remake the Church in their own image, and not in the image that God has established. They choose what parts of the Catholic faith they wish to follow and make up the rest as they go-along. It reminds me of little kids that make up the rules to the game as they go-along, just so they can make sure they win. From kids I would expect this kind of behavior, from adults, not so much.

As many may know from reading older post on this blog, I have many friends who are liberal “catholics” and have had many discussions concerning this topic. And truth be told, often times it is like dealing with little kids who just want to “win”. One such liberal friend use to tell me all the time, when I would win a debate, “just one time I want to be right”. It had nothing to do with “Truth” for her, just her being right. To me this is a classic liberal mindset.

The liberal “catholic” is also the same catholic that voted in the new liberal president, and he also has the mind-set of “I just want to win”. We have seen this in all his dealing so far as President of the United States. If we were to allow the liberals to do as the please, we would have a lawless nation, and a faith without any traditions or true teachings. It is a scary concept, but one that liberals think would be the “salvation” of our nation and our Church.

But what they fail to understand is this simple fact: Most of our nations issues are caused by liberal policies, and the same can be said for our Church. If left up to the conservatives, we would not be in the current mess. Sure conservatives make mistakes, sure we are not perfect, but I am convinced we would not be in the current mess. A mess mostly caused by the “if it feels good do it” and the “I just want to win” mind-set, in other words, the liberal mind-set.

I have written about this before, and I will write about it again, and each and everything I write about it I make the same basic statement, Liberals are the downfall of our Nation and of our Church, they should be feared, not as people, I know many great liberals, but as policies and politics, and a thought process and a group think, liberals are dangerous!

God Bless


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