The Drama… Part 4

So Tuesday, Election Day, was the rescheduled court date for the young man living with me. His mother did not show up to the original date, so the judge thought he would be nice and give her a second change. That worked out for me, I was able to attend the second date, but once again his mother did not. So the judge placed him in my custody until his probation has ended. So that worked out for him, he is now legally in my care. From that court room we headed to probate court to see what we could find out about his guardianship case, well as it turns out, she, the mother, did find time to go there and withdraw her request, and, as I found out later that day, she also found time to go to the school and remove me from all of his emergency forms.

What I find amazing is she finds time for all that, but no time to call and talk to her son, or time to visit him. Hell, she has all the rights to come and take him, well; she did, until the judge court ordered he live with me. Yet she never did. What does this have to say to her son? To me it tells him, I really don’t care about you, I just want to mess with your life, and I just want to make sure that you have nothing and no one. She is one sick person, she truly needs help.

The next step, we, his probation officer and I are going to go downtown and file a formal complaint to the Department of Child protective services; we are going to charge her with neglect and abandonment. The goal of this, not really to hurt her but to protect him, to give me legal custody of him, because in the end it is the child that needs to be protected. Yes he is 17, and yes he thinks he can care for himself, as long as some cooks for him, cleans for him, drives him where he needs to be and makes sure he does all his homework, other than all that, he don’t need anyone…. Typical youth!

So November will be filled with court dates, drama and Christmas music, all in all not too bad. He will survive as will I, but it is just sad to see him have to go through all this crap, for no reason. As for the younger of the two younger brothers, my hope is that the Child protection agency will remove him and place him in his father’s care. I will do all I can to make that happen.

Until the next Drama update…

God Bless


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