The Shot Heard Around the World

November 2, 2010 was not the end of the fight, but rather just the start of it all. we, the conservatives of this nation have won a small victory, but we can not sit back and wait. We now, more than ever have to fight. November 2012 is our next battle ground, we need to remove Obama and anyone else who does not follow the Constitution of the United States. It is time for America to stand up for herself and be who she truly is, the Greatest Nation of Gods green Earth!

I, like most Americans, was pleased with the election outcome, we see Nancy leaving DC and Obama looking a little lost. We voted in conservatives and the Republican party seeped the nation. Now they, the newly elected, have to do our bidding, they have to stay on course and bring sanity back to DC and to our states and cities. November 2, 2010 was just the start of the revolution, it was the shot heard around the world.

In Michigan we have voted in the Nerd, a new comer to politics, Rick Snyder. He won the race for Governor on a platform of honesty and integrity. Something that DC needs to learn. He won the race with no negative ads, he refused to enter into the normal political process of attaching his appoint. He won the race on a campaign of true reform, reform where government was the solution, but the problem. We won because he offered the best hope for a state that is on life support.

I see exciting times for Michigan, I see a Michigan that will once again be a vibrant place to visit, a state that offers all opportunity, a state that is headed in the right direction, prosperity.

With the newly elected to DC, I am hoping for the same for our nation. I am hopeful that we will now see sanity restored to our economy, we will see entitlements controlled and the nanny state stopped and repealed. I am hopeful that this election was a vote for the true America Recover Act, with the appeal of Obamcare and the Bush Tax Cuts made permanent. I want to see that shining light on a hill once again shine bright into the future. I am hopeful, but only time will tell.

We have all been sold a line before, and this past election could be more of the same. We may have been hearing and seeing what we desperately want and need instead of what was truly being said. I do not want to belive that, but as I have stated, we all have been sold a line before. It would not be the first time a politician lied, nor would it be the last. But I am hopeful, and I will pray.

November 2, 2010 will go down in history, lets just hope it goes down in history for the right reasons. Lets hope we can one day tell out children and grandchildren that we were part of that faithful day, the day the shot was heard around the world, marking the start of our second revolution, the revolution to restore America back to her roots.

God Bless



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