Take back the power, VOTE!

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This is the day, this is the day that we can take back our nation, we can take back our pride, this is the day that Americans once again take control of America, returning her to a constitutional government. A government were the Constitution of the United States is not a “living & Breathing” document, a document with no value, this is when the true American identity once again shows herself, an identity grounded in Christian values and a Constitution that is built upon a solid foundation, one that is not “Living & Breathing” but rather it is solid and true.

Truth does not change over time, truth is solid and grounded, we may change and our ideas of what truth should be may change, but truth never changes. the founding fathers created a document based on truth, not popular ideas ideas of the times, but truth. they created a document to govern not only in 1776 but in 2010 and beyond. They understood human nature, they understood that as times change, so does what is fashionable, what is considered “in” and “out”. today it’s “Climate Change” two years ago it was “Global warming” and before that it was “Global Cooling” and who knows next year it may be “Global Stagnation”. It’s all about marketing, what sells, what makes the news at 6pm. Not about truth.

This vote today will decide what direction we, as Americans, decide our Nation should be traveling. Truth be told, both parties, the Republicans and Democrats have to take the blame for the current direction of America, but we, the voters, the hard working Americans must take most of the blame. We voted them in to office, with our votes, or for those who don’t vote, with out your vote. they, the political elite, only have the power we afford them, its our vote that gave them the power to run America in to the ground, and its our vote that can take that power back.

Tuesday get up and get out to vote.. Vote liberal or conservative, vote Democrat or Republican or Independent, Green Party or The Rent is to Damn High Party, I don’t care who you vote for (well I do, I want you to vote Conservative) just get out and vote, be American and vote!

Happy Election Day!


God Bless


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