I for one am glad Obama was elected

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Yep, I said it, I said something I thought that I would never say, I said I was glad Obama was voted president of The United States of America. Anyone who knows me, or has read my blogs must be in shock, but I mean it.

If Obama was not elected president, we the American people would be a nation with less over all knowledge than we are now. We would not know how great America truly is, we would not understand the issues that concern each and every American at the very core of our being.

With out Obama we would be in a sadder state than we could ever imagine.  Yep, I truly believe that. Now all my conservative friends are most likely shaking their heads and wondering what the hell happen to me, and all my liberal friends are celebrating in the streets….

So let me tell you why I am glad Obama was elected president:

Social issues:

Without the Obama presidency we would not truly understand the poor,there needs and how to best address them. We would not have the mindset of big government and a socialistic understanding to social issues. The understanding the big government with billions of tax payer dollars is the solution. Not the conservative understanding the a hand up is worth much more, and cost much less. We, the American people, would still feel that donations to the charity of our own choosing was the smart way to go, the compassionate way. But thanks to the Obama plan, I know understand that I am to stupid to decide where my money should go, and I now understand that it is demeaning to expect people who are in need to want to work for it, to better themselves. I was young and uneducated before the Obama nation came into power.


Prior to Obama and company, I was under the understanding that America was something to be proud of. But thanks to his “Apology” tour I am now saves. Like any good old fashion revival I came to the tent and was preached the gospel of Obama and the meanness of America and all her evils. Prior to the baptism into Obamaisum I preached the greatness of a nation know to come to the defense of any nation in need, friend or foe/ I was brainwashed in to the “group think” of the moral compass that America was directed by, I believed in the hype of a nation known for her charity, a nation whose people donated more money to national and international charities than the US government. I use to proudly tell all that I was an American, but thanks to my conversion, I now apologize for my nation and beg for forgiveness at the feet of the UN and EU.

The American People:

The American people use to be a source of pride for me, my culture was truly unique and truly American. And I was proud of it, that is until Obama reminded me of how stupid we really are. I always thought Americans were known for their ingenuity and smarts, but Obama reminded me that we are nothing and will remain nothing until we submit to the government all that we have and all that we are, in the name of fairness.

So yes, I for one am glad the Obama is president, that the conservatives of the country, the flag waving, smaller government and more personal responsibility party did not win. Just think what would have happen, we would have Americans working, an economy that was thriving and an America we all could be proud of. Thank God that didn’t happen.

Nope, Obama, he’s our man….

And if you disagree with me, than make your voice heard and vote on November 2nd… I know I am, I know I am voting in the conservatives in my local and national elections. I am voting in a smaller government and a government that believes in America and Americans….

And just incase any liberals are reading the blog, It was all in fun, I am not glad Obama is president, but I do think he has woken the sleeping giant, the conservative base. This nation is about the rocked to its core, its conservative core. We will win, and we will restore America back to what she once was, the greatest nation on earth. God Bless America!

God Bless


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