The Vote, The Voice

Electors vote in Vigo

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We have just under two weeks left until November 2nd and the vote to take back what is ours, our state and our country. What scares me is people will look at the pool numbers and decide not to vote, thinking that there vote will not matter. How wrong you are, every vote matters, every voice must be heard. Win or lose, when you vote you have make a difference, you have helped to shape this great nation of ours for the next generation.

The vote is our voice the vote is our privilege and responsibility, it is our proof of freedom. Many Americans have died to preserve our right to vote, and many more in the course of history will do so. When we do not vote we are disrespecting the life of the Americans who have given all to allow you to vote.

The political system is not perfect, and yes sometimes mistakes happen and yes sometimes fraud even takes place, but that is not the failure of the vote, but of the people. Your voice, your one vote (unless your in Chicago) counts, it means something and it is the most precious of gifts.

November 2nd of 2010 is going to be historic, no matter who wins, our voice/vote will be heard and our decision will shape history. This midterm election is the starting line for the 2012 presidential election, this is our one chance to shape American not only for 2012 but beyond.

So study up on the issues and candidates, if you have not already done so, and get up early and vote early, lets flood the polling places and show the world what freedom looks like. Make a stand, choose your fight and fight hard, let your voice ring out in to the darkness of oppression and tyranny,. Stand up tall and vote with confidence and pride.

The American way is placed squarely on your shoulders, it is yours to preserve or loose, what will you decide to do on November 2nd?

God Bless


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