The Saga… Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about the Saga of 3 boys and a mother. Today I will continue that storyline (I only wish it was a story).


As of today, the mother of the young man living in my house has not returned his calls or talked to him. My feeling is, he no longer serves a purpose for her. She wanted to use him as a pawn in her little game, and I would not allow it, and he chose to listen to me.

Back to the night of the birthday party, the father at my sisters house and the mother not at all happy with the situation. The father left my sisters, with the two boys, prior to her showing up. She threaten to bring the police, and he did not want his boys dragged in to all that. She shows up, asked were the boys are, I reply that the father took them. Her response, This is how you help me, my response, you need to help yourself. She response was to call her oldest son, the one that lives with me, out. He came out and she said, ok lets go, you got to be my witness that I dropped the boys off with Paul. My response, no he can’t go, he does not need to get involved in all this. And as for witness, none is needed, I wont lie (a concept she just don’t understand, she thinks everyone lies because she does).

I must admit, I felt for him, what a hard situation to be in at his age, but he stood his ground. He knows that I would not do him harm, and in some ways I think he knows his mom i a little unstable…

She calls his probation officer and try’s to force his departure, but he will also have nothing of it, and her son remains. So it seems now she wants nothing to do with him, and in some ways that’s a good thing, but in others it sad. It just proves that she is only looking out for herself and her needs, not his nor his brothers. They are just pawns in her silly little game of life. It is truly a sad situation.

To add to the mix, I am getting calls from his father, who lives in Congo, Africa. Now understand that he has never cared for his son, lived with his son or raised his son, but he has always felt the need to call and yell at him when ever the need hits. Well that what he decided to do. The mother, for what ever reason, decided that a person in Congo, Africa could fix all this, i just don’t get it. So dad calls, tells his son that he must live with his mother. The son explains that his mother is homeless, the father, being concerned, sates that it does not matter, live under a bridge or in the forest, as long as your with your mother. Now I must say that’s logic and love at its best! How he planned to enforce his ruling from Africa, I have no idea, and what makes him feel he has a right to tell him anything is also a question for the ages, but he does and he did.

The next day I was blessed with a phone call from dear old dad. He wanted to tell me that he was not going to sign the court papers to give me guardianship. My response, Ok Sir, but understand that he can not live with his mother, she is homeless and he will end up in foster-care. His educated response, that’s a small matter. My response, No Sir, it is not, not to me or the state of Michigan. He has to have an address, he can not live on the streets. His response, that’s a small matter… And on and on it went, until he hung up on me. I just love logical parents… I just wish I could deal with one. I am starting not to like African parents, I love the kids…

Well I must say that dear old dad called back today and talked to his boy, and decided that he, his boy, could make up his own mind on were was best for him to live. This did a few things for me, one gave me a little bit of respect for dear old dad, two, this will really piss of the mother of the year, and to me that’s a good thing and three, and most importantly is gives the power back to his son, were it belongs.

So the saga in nowhere from being over, but it looks like the tide has come in, and now is receding. Continue to pray for the boys, all 3 of them, that they will be safe and happy. And I will continue to update as needed.. I hope the next update is more positive than the last few.


God Bless


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