The Saga…

Once again, some people should not be parents, this past weekend proved just that. The ongoing saga of the mother and 3 boys continues. This time a new player is added the Dad or step dad, depending on what boy I am referring to. Oh, and one cannot forget the father from Congo, Africa… Yes Africa… My life is anything but boring…
In July of 2010 my nephew’s friend asked me if he could also live with me. Over the summer he got into a little trouble with the law, and wanted to straighten his life out. He figures my house was a better place for him than his own home. His mother agreed and now he is in my care. So from mid-July until now he has been part of the household, and for the most part doing very well. At the same time, his two younger brothers were also spending the “summer” at my house; it seemed that their mother was unable to feed them, so she asked if they too cold stay until she was able to feed them. I, of course allowed them. Six weeks later she and her 2 boys were moved into my sister’s home.
We, my sister and I, were under the impression that the boy’s mother was unable to make it on her pay, and needed a little help to survive. From all that we knew and were told, she was a hard-working, caring mothers who just needed a hand-up.
Boy where we wrong! A Hand-up was not what she wanted, she not only wanted a hand-out, but she also expected the royal treatment. She was the Queen Mother and all, my sister and her girls, her own sons and the State of Michigan were at her service, all were to bow down and serve the Queen. Let’s just say that didn’t go over all-too-well with my sister or me.
So, once we learned what type of person she was, she was asked to move out, we are not subservient to her, regardless of what she may think. Also lying and steeling is not acceptable, and she did, does both.
Part two of the recap:
Her son, the one that currently lives with me wants to stay living with me, and as part of that we are going for guardianship. Last week was our court date, and as expected, his mother failed to do what she needs to do. So I was granted temporary guardianship until November something or other. She is to return with all the proper information to proceed. Most likely this will not happen, so I will be forced to fight for guardianship, and I will.
Now that we are all up-to-date, let the drama continue…
Over the weekend, the middle boy of the 13 celebrated his birthday, knowing that his mother worked afternoons and all weekend; I asked if he and his brother could spend the night. Simple question, one would think. But no, it went from yes to no to yes to I don’t know to no back to yes…. Within a matter of two days; a very confusing conversation, at best.
They were dropped off Saturday, and at that time they were not spending the night, a few hours later they were. All was good. I took the middle child birthday shopping and made plans to celebrate his birthday at my sisters. While we were out shopping their father called and asked to speak with his children. Of course I would not refuse and gave the phone over to the youngest. He then spoke to the birthday boy himself and then to me. This would be my first conversation with him, and based on what I was told, I was not expecting it to be pleasant. I was wrong, happily so. He asked if he could come over and chat, not knowing who I was he wanted to make sure his boys were safe, Understandable and very wise. I said yes, and a time was set.
Once their father arrived we sat and had, what I would call, a very enlightening conversation. He proceeded to tell me stories of the boy’s mother, stories that sounded just like my sisters stories of her. Very interesting, and very eye-opening, she is the same to everyone, treats them the same, lies to them the same, uses them the same. In some ways it was nice to hear, no one ever wants to feel they are the only one that is treated badly, but in other ways it was sad, knowing that she was and is such a shallow person. The father has vindicated us, but that was and is of no value, the kids are still at risk. Their mother homeless and taking the kids along for the ride, they did get a motel to live in, but that is no way for a kid to live. She works until 10pm, so the kids are in a motel room from 3:30/4:00 (once school is out) until 10ish. By themselves! Not Good!
Well, long story short, the father asked me if he could come at 9, prior to her picking the kids up, so he could be here when she arrived. I said yes. The day was set, and we were ready to head off to my sisters for a little birthday celebration.
The party, such as it was, was nice, cake and ice-cream and gifts to be given. But the mother called my home to talk to her boys, we of course were not home, but then again we do not have a land line, only cell, and she will not call me, but calls my nephew. He told her we were at my sisters; this did not make her happy! But then again she never told me not to take them to my sisters, and why wouldn’t I, that was their home up-until a week-ago.
Well, once again to make a long story short, she was on her way to get the boys, and she had called the police, the father came, took the boys and went home… Was interesting at best…

There are many details missing, mostly just things that happen between the major events, Nothing that would change the story, just minor events.
But what makes me sad/mad is this: I don’t really think she cares about the kids, just about what the kids can do for her, what she can get from friends, co-workers and the local charities because she has the boys. I really don’t think love comes in to it for her, mean as that may sound. This is what makes me sad, her boys will be fine, if they stay with the father, and she will go on thinking only of herself, but the difference this time is, she will not be hurting the boys.
I am sure this is not the end of the saga….

God Bless

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