Coming Home

It is Friday, the end of the week, and thank goodness, because I am ready for this week to end. I am looking forward to the fall clean-up of the gardens and the chance to sit and read. Oh and I pick up my new family member this week, Ted.

 Ted is about one year old and he comes to me from an adoption agency, so Ted is special. I am looking forward to Ted being added to my already crowded household, but being only one, he won’t take up much space. And Ted will be very good for my 17 year old, who is showing his age and acting very old. So Ted will be a good playmate for him.

 As you may have figured out by now, Ted is a dog, and the 17 year old, who is acting very old, also a dog, Waldo. But still, to me, it is a new family member and yes I am much exited to get Ted today. Last February George, my 8 year old dog, drowned in my back yard pond. And the house has never been the same, and poor Waldo aged over night. So I am hoping that Ted will give Waldo a lift in energy and someone to play with. Not that Waldo plays all that much, but still I am sure Ted will. It will be good for him. Now Ted is not a replacement to George, you can never replace a lost loved one, not even a pet. But I can add to my family, and that is what Ted is, an addition not a replacement.

 So today in my blog, no complaining about bad parents and stupidity, no political rants of any kind. Just the happy little note that Ted is coming home tonight… And for that I am truly grateful.

God Bless


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