It never stops, the selfishness


Ok, so the story of the selfish one continues…

As I stated in a previous blog, the mother and her two boys had to move out of my sisters house by the end of the month. Well she did not want to wait, and decided it would be better to sneak out during the day, when she thought my sister would be at work. As it happened, my sister was home, her daughter was having her wisdom teeth removed that day. Much to the shock of the selfish one.

But she moved-out all the same. But to were… Her car… Yep, she figured it was much better to live in her car than to suck-it-up and live for 3 more weeks in my sisters house. To hell with her kids, its all about her, so they, a 9 and 12 year old, were pulled from school to spend the day in the car to sleep in the car.

When she was offered to drop the ids off at my house for the night, by her other son who lives with me, she hung up on him. When he called back to tell her the father of his brothers offered his apartment to her and the boys, yep, you got it, she hung up on him. Its a much more mature and adult response to sleep in the car than to put your immature pride away for a few nights until you find something else.

So phone calls were made to the case worker working with her eldest son, the one living with me, and the offers repeated. Now I am sitting and waiting for a response, to find out the fate of 2 young boys who need a stable environment, one that there mother is not willing or able to provide.

I just do not understand her or others who think like her…


Pray for them…

God Bless


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