The Obama EGO

The EGO, or as I like to say, Edging God Out, is a constant them for me. I have posted many articles about the EGO, be it here on this blog or on my other, now defunct blog ( It is a concept I like coming back too, because the problem of the EGO never goes away.

If we look around us, if we look at the current state of affairs in America and the world we can see the EGO hard at work. The current political climate is full of EGO’s. The world politicians are EGO personified, our sport and rock stars live a life of EGO. And we, the everyday person, try to emulate our leaders and stars.

What a sad state of affairs, if I ever saw one.

The EGO is, as I have stated over and over again, evil. It is the devil in us, it is the original sin of Adam and Eve and it will be our down fall.

Currently in American politics it is the EGO that drives the vote. No sound issues, but the praise and worship of whom we vote for. Just look back two years the last election. We was self promotion and praise that we have never seen before. We elected a president who, with his great EGO declared himself “The One” and created his own presidential seal. We now have a president who does not like to be criticized and does not like to be contradicted. We elected an EGO not a president.

We have a government that passes laws and bills that the American people do not want, Health Care is a perfect example. Yet we are told, in a round-about-way, that we, the American people, are too stupid to understand what we want and need. The EGO knew better than us, and the EGO will take care of us.

Obama is the product of our past. A past that believed and tought that he was and is something special, all to him self. Let me explain…

I remember when I was a child watching a cartoon on Saturday mornings, part of the School House Rocks series. The cartoon was about a little girl who thought she was special, because her mom told her she was. And no one liked her, because she was, well simple put, a brat. The lesson in the cartoon, we all are special, in our own way. On the surface, a good message. The problem, we, the American public dropped the ball on that, we failed to remind everyone that they are no more special that anyone else. The result, Obama as president.

Think about this for a second or two. We have a President who get visibly upset when things do not go his way, he lectures us, as if we are school children when we do not agree with him and he, like a little boy playing ball, threatens to take his ball and bat and go home if we do not play the way he wants to play. An EGO is currently sitting in the oval office. An EGO like we have never seen before.

Sure, all politicians and stars have an EGO, some will say that an EGO is a necessary tool, that without an EGO they never would have had the desire to be a star or politician. But I am not too sure…

The EGO, Edging God Out, can not be a good thing, in the long run. An unchecked EGO can murder millions, think Hitler. An unchecked EGO can force their views upon others, think ObamaCare. An unchecked EGO can take down humanity, think Adam and Eve.

An EGO is never a good think, it is always something that should be kept in check. EGO’s never serve anyone but themselves, they don’t even serve the person to whom they are attached to. Once again think Hitler, Obama, Adam & Eve. None of them were or are being served by their EGO. The EGO, by definition, is a selfish entity.

I harp on the EGO, not because I don’t have one, but precisely because I do have one, as we all do. No one is without an EGO, but the difference between an EGOtistic person and the rest of us, we learn to keep ours in check, most of the time.

Jesus, who was without sin, learned to keep His EGO in check, in fact Jesus perfected the ability to keep His EGO out of things. Just think what a different world it would be if Jesus was an EGOtistic savior.

Obama could learn a few things from Jesus, such as how to keep his own EGO in check. But I am sure his EGO will not allow that to happen. With an EGO as large as his, I am confident that the EGO controls him and not Him who controls the EGO.

God Bless


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