Who are Americans?

May_30_Health_Care_Rally_NP (585)
Image by seiuhealthcare775nw via Flickr

As I have stated I just returned from a vacation in Germany, and over all it was a great time. But it never fails that I get in to some political debate with someone, and this time was not different. As I sat in the Irish Pub in Berlin, drinking a beer or two, my friends, friends boyfriend (did you get that) started to debate with me about ObamaCare. How American wants it and needs it, how we would be better of with a more “fair” distribution of money and how the rich should pay the whole bill. Yep, it was one heck of a conversation.

But I must admit, I have the advantage of this poor soul, I have logic and facts on my side, not a utopia view of how things should be in a perfect world, or at least what a socialist thinks a perfect world is all about.

As the debate went on, I pulled out my secret weapon, facts. I stated that in a recent poll, most americans, well over 50% belive that ObamaCare is bad for the country and that over all social health care should not be part of the American plan.

His response….

“Who the F%$# are the Americans!”

I just looked at him and smiled, I knew I had him, the bad part was, he didn’t know it, he still thought he won, and most likely still thinks it. To my rescue came my German friend with a simple “Paul is American”. To that he responded with a flip of the hand and went on spouting his views. What more could I say… Facts didn’t work, so I went for logic…

I said, so if I get an “A” and you are getting a “D”, should the schools take my “A” and make it a “B” and give you the extra grade to make your “D” a “C”? Should the schools also redistribute the wealth as ObamaCare wants to? Should I have to pay for health care I don’t want, should I be forced to purchase a product I do not want? Should the government make me purchase a car if I prefer the bus? Should I have to pay for services I will not use or need?

His brilliant response….

If your rich, than yes, you don’t need all the money….

With logic like that, this world is in for a world of hurt!

Germany, what a great time, but it seems that every time I go there I find more Obama supporters than I do here in good old America. Seems kind of odd to me. BUt what do I know, I’m only an American, and really, who are the AMericans?

God Bless


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