Gospel Music

File:Cologne Cathedral.jpgOk, so I am back from my vacation in Germany….

All-in-all it was a great vacation, I have never been to Berlin, so that was a first. I saw parts of the old Berlin wall and even got to see Check Point Charlie. So that was very cool.

I went to dinner with my friends and made new ones, so Berlin was good!

I attended Mass at the Koln Cathedral (The DOM), it was all in German, but still very nice. Mass was attended by four Bishops, about fifteen thousand young girls for the all girls choir and maybe 12 or so altar boys. It was a sight to see, all the bells being rung, the incense and music. I left feeling very up lifted.

But the high light has to be Sunday night….

First off remember I am in Germany, Koln Germany. My friends asked me if I would like to attend a concert, a very special concert. One of their friends is a performer and was holding a free concert that night. She was originally from Saint Louise, she is black and sings gospel. She holds “Gospel Workshops” for Germans who wish to learn how to sing traditional American Gospel music. To say the least I was intrigued.

Who else can say they traveled to Koln Germany to hear American Gospel music sung by Germans… Go Figure!

But I did, and over all it was a good concert.

Truth be told, the Diva of the event sang most of the music, it started out with Jazz style, and she had the voice for it. It was great. Once the “Gospel” Choir started, well that’s when I had a hard time. When I hear “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” I expect to see a black man singing it, not a bunch of middle-aged white born again Germans. The ears liked it, the mind rejected it. I literally had to close my eyes to listen. It helped, some what.

So I would have to call any trip to Germany that includes a Gospel concert a trip well worth it!

God Bless


The Golden Age of Gospel (Music in American Life)
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