Facebooking it!

Being a person who likes to communicate with people, and a person who likes to discuss issues, I love Facebook. It allows me to keep up-to-date with friends, and allows me to bring up issues that concern me,without the fear of confutation. I love to post my views on news articles and stories I read on-line. The ability to post a link to a website or display a video is fantastic. And I love the fact that others can leave a comment for all to read.

Yes, I am a person who lovers to discuss the two most controversial topics, religion and politics… And if I can, I love to mix them together, stir it up a bit and add my own commentaries to the mix. It can make for a very tasty conversation, or it can lead to a loss of a friend. But I still love it!

Have I lost any friends over my views? I’m of the mind-set that if I have lost a friend over my viewpoints, than they truly were not my friends to start with. I understand that not everyone will agree with me, and I will not agree with them, but friendship should be stronger than a simple disagreement. But to some, it is not. Why is that?

I have an idea about that, I think people who can not disagree with someone and remain friends fall in to two categories:

  1. They are to closed-minded to see that others may not agree with them.
  2. The person who disagrees with you, knows deep down you are right, and is too scared to remain your friend for fear of having to confront the fact that they are wrong.

I have experienced both, with the second being the hardest to understand and handel. With the first person I can just shrug it off and say that they were simpletons and that’s that. But with the second I can not. The second person is truly a person with issues. They would rather hold onto a belief system that is wrong, knowing it is wrong, out of a principle rather than eating a little crow and growing. This person is an egocentric person whose only concern is themselves. They are closed-minded in a way that even the first person could not understand. They know the truth yet refuse it out of self-preservation, even when that self-preservation is self destructive.

So Facebook offers me a oppertunity to display my feeling and passions, with out fear. You can create groups of like-minded people from all over the world, you can check up on loved ones and friends, Facebook is truly a powerful force.

I have started a Facebook group Liberals Gone Wild (LGW), this group allows me to vent about the current direction of our country, and have a little fun at the same time. And best of all, it was easy to set up and took no time at all…



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