How can I not (How can WE not)

FamilyLivingPicture This past Sunday at my Church the priest gave a homily that seemed to hit home, in a big way. Over the last month I have been taking care of a 9 and 12 year old, my nephews friend little brothers. As I posted before, they had to come to my house for my nephews graduation party or his friend could not come. I was more than happy to have them, and they in return were more than happy to stay. As I stated in a another post, the mother called to ask if the boys could stay because they had no food.It has been a blessing for me to have them around, I love the sounds of little kids, the laughing and such. But back to the point…

My sister has  been out of work for over two years and is struggling to make it and the boys mother is doing the same. She works two jobs, one for $7.00 per hour and the other at $9. With her rent and such, she can not afford to feed and cloth her kids and pay rent. So My sister offered for her to move in, to help her out and to help herself out. But when the time came, my sister was not to sure of it all. You see, we just met the boys and there mom. I have known my nephews friend for over a year, but never met his mom or brothers. So the original offer to move in was made, i think, with the idea that it would not happen, but when she took my sister up on the offer, well it freaked my sister out. But God knows better than her or I…

At mass Father gave a sermon on giving on sharing on helping out our fellow man (woman). He talked about the giving that comes from not the excess you have, but from your own need, the giving that comes from what you have and need. My sister had space, and even though she is hurting, she is better off than the boys mom. In the long run, if all works out, the boys mom will be helping my sister out as much as my sister is helping them out. Its funny how that works.

As we both sat in mass and listen to Fathers words, we both felt God tugging at our hearts, pulling at us. My sister will learn a lesson she has never had to learn, the lesson of opening up ones home to others. She has always talked a good game, but it never came to the point of having to do it, besides family members. Me, I have been opening my house up to others for over 13 years. This is her first time, and it will be a lesson for her and her three girls.

God willing they will find it to be a rewarding experience, one that will open there hearts and souls. Now please understand that they are caring and giving people, but they always remain in there own “comfort zone” never venturing out of it. So this experience will force them to venture out, to give in a new way. A way that I always find rewarding.

Friends of ours think we are nuts, well mostly me, like I said I have been opening my home to others for over 13 years. They do not understand how I can take in people I do not know, or care for children I never met before. But to me the question is How can I not? How can I not care for them, how can I not offer what I have to them. How can I not give love and understanding to them. The question is How can WE not, as a human race care for each other.

When my sister was freaking out about all this, the one statement that I kept coming back too was, I would only hope and pray, that if I needed help that someone would be there for me. I do not do what I do for praise or accolades, but because it is what I am suppose to do. We are all called to care for our brothers and sisters, to care for each other. Sure I could put money in the poor box, help out at a soup kitchen, all are good and worthy, but in the end that does not help this family, or the others that I have opened my home to. That will do nothing to foster a loving relationship, like the one I now have with my nephew, and the two little boys who have been visiting for the last 3 weeks.

We are called to care for one-another, and that is what I am doing, and now my sister is also. To me, it is a simple thing, it is loving my fellow man…

God Bless


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