The shame of it all

Over the weekend I went camping, as my previous post stated, I was not to excited about it. But I did come to a realization, one that I am sure I have known for sometime, but was not willing or able to state. But now I am. What you belive and what you preach/teach must … Continue reading The shame of it all

Sometimes love is just not enough

Well today is the day, today is the day I head to the western pat of Michigan for my mini vacation. As I posted yesterday I am not really looking forward to this trip. And as I posted yesterday I think it's because I am in need of rest, not relaxation. To some the difference may not … Continue reading Sometimes love is just not enough

Rest my Soul

  Times have changed for me, in the past I would be looking forward to this weekend like no other. You see the plans are to go camping in western Michigan, near Lake Michigan, with my sister and her 3 girls. But I am not really looking forward to it. I'm not sure why, but I … Continue reading Rest my Soul

Facebooking it!

Being a person who likes to communicate with people, and a person who likes to discuss issues, I love Facebook. It allows me to keep up-to-date with friends, and allows me to bring up issues that concern me,without the fear of confutation. I love to post my views on news articles and stories I read on-line. The … Continue reading Facebooking it!

The simple fact

It looks like God has plans for me, but I am not sure I am ready for them. But when it comes to God and his plans, as always He knows better than I. The simple fact that God has plans for me should be an indication that I need to step up my game, … Continue reading The simple fact

How can I not (How can WE not)

This past Sunday at my Church the priest gave a homily that seemed to hit home, in a big way. Over the last month I have been taking care of a 9 and 12 year old, my nephews friend little brothers. As I posted before, they had to come to my house for my nephews … Continue reading How can I not (How can WE not)