Catholic church fights lifting of sex abuse suit limits

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 Catholic church fights lifting of sex abuse suit limits | | The Detroit News (Link to the Detroit News article) (link to the bill)

The above is an interesting article and it shows a few things about our current state of the Catholic Church":

1. People are still very hurt by the scandal

2. The public is still very anti-catholic (The bill does not apply to public schools or institutions)

3. The Catholic Church can’t win, no matter what she does

4. The state legislators are protectionist, protecting there own over the safety of children

The basic idea that the state would consider a bill that exempts themselves from lawsuits is not shocking, they always do protect themselves. But we are talking about children here, not roads or cornfields. The public schools systems have more cases of abuse than any other institution, so why not open the flood gates for the state as well as the church? Because the state knows it would bankrupt them and they can’t allow that to happen.

We entrust our youth to the state daily, we send our children of to public schools and think nothing of it, yet we fear for our youth when the attend youth group at the local parish! The school system produces more sexual abuse in one year than the Church could even imagine, yet we allow our children to attend school dances and field trips or to stay after school for extra help with out a second thought.

I am not saying the Church should not pay for what they did, they should and they are, but the state should be held to the same standards. Every American should be upset with this bill, we need to make our public institutions as liable as our private institutions!

God Bless


Not in Room 204: Breaking the Silence of Abuse
Jeremiah 23:24“Can anyone hide in secret places so that I cannot see him?" declares the LORD. "Do not I fill heaven and earth?" declares the LORD.”

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