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In a soft voice, full of concern it was spoken. “This is my body”. It was spoken with a love that was felt by all and it lofted lightly in the air waiting for the soft breeze  to carry it away.

Contrast that with the biting words being spoken, words that hurt and kill, so heavy they fall to the ground, “This is my body!” A soft breeze could not carry it away, not even a gale force wind. The words hang like death in the air.

The contrast between the same phrase is striking, remarkable, yet they are spoken daily. The fist are spoke daily by our Lord, “This is my body given up for you” the second spoke by thousands daily “This is my body, I will do with it what I please!” are spoke by woman who are confused and lost and seek answers in abortion.

Our Lord offered up freely His life, the unborn offer up their body under force. The contrast is striking and shocking. Modern day thought is one of “personal freedom” yet freedom is not the outcome but rather slavery. Slavery to the modern ideal that freedom is doing what you want regardless of who it affects.

Everyday 4000 lives are lost in at war. The lives have no voice with in the congress nor do they sit on large company boards, yet everyday someone makes a decision for them. A decision that their life is not worth it, that they are expendable that they can be forgotten about and can be sacrifices in the war. The war on human dignity, a war on the unborn.

President Obama and others claim to be “pro-choice” yet the one they are affecting have no voice, they can exercise no-choice! How can we as a nation who claim to be one of peace and non-violence (excluding defending ourselves) murder 4000 new lives each and every day?

Four thousand (4000) lives daily, more lives have been killed than in the wars of modern history, yet the peace loving non violent left allow this, they not only allow it they encourage it! The contradiction is striking and one that needs to be called out, one that needs to be rectified!

I am pro-life, I am male and I am Catholic. I am proud to write this blog to defend the 4000 lives that will be lost today, and I hope all pro-choice people will be as proud to let there voices be heard. Write a blog, forward mine, send a letter to your representative or to President Obama, ask them to clarify how they can justify the murder of 4000 Americans each and every day, how can they look at themselves in the mirror knowing that they allow murder to take place each and every day.

“This is my body” are you hearing the soft gentle loving voice of Christ or the harsh scared hate filled voice of the culture of death? Was the body given up freely out of love and sacrifice or was it offered up to the alter of modernism and individualism? Are you truly pro-life or are you of the mindset, well I’m pro-life, but they have to make their own decisions? are you allowing the murder of 4000 babies each and everyday to take place with out even offering up a prayer?  Pro-life can not and should not mean sitting still and silent, it can not mean that, non-action is the same as participation. Be it abortion or any other social sin. We must act!

Not all are called to join pro-life movement, I for one am not, I do not belong to one and I truly do not feel the calling to one. But as a Catholic Christian I am called to defend the poor and helpless, and who is more helpless than the unborn? I try to teach the sacredness of life in all I do, and every now and than I try to write about it, maybe not as direct as this, but I try to offer what I can. I will not vote for a pro-choice candidate and I will not support many organizations that donate to pro-choice causes. I do what I can, with the grace of God and the gifts He has given me. Do you?

Just keep in mind the words of our Lord:

“This is my body, given up for you”

God Bless


A lay person’s guide to Pope John Paul II’s teaching on human life issues in his encyclical Evangelium vitae (Lay person’s guide series)
1 Peter 1:18-19“For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.”

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