The Church and the Public Square

The past month or so I have been asked or confronted with the statements about the Catholic faith. Most often from Catholics themselves. The questions range from the very basic to the very deep and for the most part the statements have almost always been anti-conservatism or pro-liberalism if you like. Me I look at them differently, I see most of the statements as anti-Catholic. But the liberals would tell me that I ma being closed minded and pre-Vatican 2 in my thinking. IT’s interesting how some can get such a different perspective on the documents of Vatican 2 than others (most others that is). Liberals are a small minority of our faith yet they seem to have such a strong hold on the faith.

Much like the political life, conservatives out number liberals, yet they [the liberals] seem to be able to convince the public that they are a majority. Interesting sociology study, if your into that sort of thing. I am, but have no interest in research, me I like to shoot from the hip, use my innate ability to always be right… It’s a gift and I am proud of it…. (For those that don’t know it, I am joking)

But back to the interesting part of all this, how can liberals do this, what power do they have that allows them to dupe the whole country in to thinking they have a majority. Obama was able to do it to win an election, but the funny thing is, I can’t find one person who said they voted for him. Yet the democratic party is able to claim they represent the majority, but the polls in the paper tell a different story.

The public square and the Church are really not all the different in a lot of ways. Both need human interaction to function in this physical world and both rely on humanity to run them. In the case of the Church we have priest, deacons and the laity to do the bidding and in the public square we have the peoples and politicians. Although lately it seems as if it is more often then not the special interest groups running the country. The few have replace the many in the name of “diversity” “fairness” and “political correctness”. The public square and the Church are suffering the same fate.

A fate of losing it’s identity, the fate of becoming bland and flavorless. We have created a generation of youth who are afraid to give opinions, for fear of offending someone. We have created a society that would rather live in the lie of “political correctness” than in the truth of reality.

The prayers at Church have been affected much in the same way public life has, Wal-Mart refused to wish shoppers a “Merry Christmas” for fear of offending some but not concerned about the others who may be offended by being wished “Happy Holidays”. The same is true in our prayers, each week we recite the creed as Mass, and each week about 1/2 the parishioners refuse to acknowledge that Jesus was a man, for fear of offending any woman that may be in attendance. “Born of the Virgin Mary and became man [human]”. Yes Jesus is human, and yes he did come down for all, and yes Jesus is God and yes God is neither male of female. But Jesus was born into a human body, and that body happened to be male. By overlooking his maleness you are overlooking in personhood. Jesus was man, Mary was woman…. Adam was man, Eve was woman…. It’s the way it works… Male and Female he made them both…

The political correctness has cheapened and diluted the sexuality of humanity! Not only in the Church but also in the public square! As Americans and as Catholics we must take back our  faith and public squares from the liberals who’s only goal is to strip all sense of uniqueness from them.

The very people who claim to want to “free” us are truly binding us. It is the liberal mindset that is imposing morality (or lack of it) upon us all. With in the Church the liberals will insist that the prayers be changed and that gender neutral terms be used. Yet it is only the male terms that are changed, never the female form. Example: “The fall of man” is acceptable because it degrades man, yet it was Eve who first ate from the tree, so why are there no cries for it to be changed to “The fall of woman”? The liberals are willing to except the term, when it degrade the others, the non-protected group, in this case males. Yet Jesus, who is male, should not be referred to as such for fear of offending a female. Nor should God be referred to as the Father, for fear that someone may dislike the image. Yet God himself (of should I say he/she self) uses the father image to describe himself. I have heard the argument that what if someone had an abusive father, so therefore calling God the Father may make them feel bad. Truly I feel for anyone who has been abused, but using the same logic, what about Jesus as a brother, what if someone’s brother hurt them or died and they can’t deal with calling Jesus a brother, or how about a youths who’s mother ran out on them, should we than stop calling Mary the mother of Jesus because it may offend? Or better yet Mary can’t be called a Mother because some kids don’t have one, so maybe Mary is a caregiver and God is just the “sperm donor” this way we can make all feel welcomed.

In the public square I am called a races if I disagree with our President. The liberals have forced me into a corner in the hopes that I will abandon my convictions in favor of their liberal agenda. I must conform to the liberal ways, they must force me out of my conservativeness for my own good. And they will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. They will even enact laws to force my conservatism. Social healthcare is the first of many laws designed to make me dependent upon the liberal system. Yet they accuse the conservative of forcing our ideals unto others, of trying to legislate morality, yet it is the liberal judges that legislate form the bench, it is the liberal politicians that enact laws to prevent freedoms and liberties, yet the conservatives get the blame. The liberals wish to kill talk radio (fairness doctrine), force the faithful to choose between faith and the government (forced abortions) yet it is the conservatives who get the blame.

The public square and the Church share a fate, one of historic proportions, we, the conservatives, take back our places in the square and the Church.  We must stand tall and fight the good fight. Too much is a stake, our country and our souls…


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