You would think with all the writing I do, for my day job I write technical books, for STATIC I write religious books and other materials and for educational use and two different blogs, this one and my You Can Be New blog.

But as you can tell I have not been to consistent with my postings. Now I do have some valid reasons like I have been dedicating all my free time working on marketing the STATIC Program or that my Job as been kind of crazy and I have had lots to do there also. I could go on and tell you how I have not been home almost every night because my nephew has soccer camp every night  for 3 hours. But in truth I could have found time to write something, but I did not.

So why is this, why do I not write everyday, why do I allow other obstacles to get in my way? Why do I choose to allow the worlds distractions to run my life?

A little dramatic I know, to say that above, in truth I chose not to write, I decided to sit at night and do nothing when I could have been writing. So why did I choose to not write?

In truth I do not know, but I think I have an idea of why, two reasons really. The first reason, my personal life has been in upheaval the last few months, and I was streesed, and its hard for me to write when I am in a stressed. By nature I am an upbeat person, and I find it hard not to be upbeat. Sure anyone who has read my blog over the last year or so knows that I can get very upset and even mad as hell and I still write, but that’s not stress. If you have been a fan of the blog you will also know that I have taken time off in the past, time to de-stress. The second reason, I really do feel like I have been using up all my creative energy working on STATIC Solutions, I have a lot riding on this, and there is tons of work connected to launching a brand new product and a new way of looking at faith formation.

I have started blogs several times of the past week or so, but ended up going know were, so what makes today different? I really don’t know, but for some reason I find the words flowing a little bit easer today. Maybe the stress of life is under control, or maybe I just really need to put this all down on paper to help my head to clear. But what ever the reason, I am glad for it,

Well time for my second cup of coffee and than off to shower, I have to day off from my 9 to 5 today, but before you all think I am just spending a day doing nothing, I will be at the dentist all day today with my nephew. So in truth I would rather be at work. So as he sits in the dentist chare I will be sitting in the waiting room. The upside, I can get internet, so I can do some work, if I choose, or just watch some internet TV.

Well I am off to get that cup of joe…


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