Twittered yet?

Update: Sitting at my desk

Update: Still sitting at my desk

Update: same as before…

Do people really care what I am doing moment from moment? I would think not, but I seem to be in the minority of thinkers out there, with twitter, my space and facebook, it seems that feel that our every moment must be tracked, that our friends and family and the whole world really cares about what we are doing. A little self-centered ain’t it?

Update: Sitting at my desk on a phone meeting

How can we think that we are so important that the world needs to know our every move? Do thing Jesus would have twittered? Do you think he would have thought himself so important that people would want to know his every move? I think not!

Update: still on the phone, waiting for the meeting to start, they never start on time

This whole social networking thing has its advantages and disadvantages, I have a facebook, and I update it every now and than but I do not believe that the world or even my family or friends do not wait for my updates. I am sure the world will go on with my updates. Same for this blog, I am sure there are a few who enjoy reading this post, but i am also sure that all can survive with out it.

Update: Sitting at my desk listening to the phone meeting.

It seems to me that the world is getting a little bit more self-centered, it seems to me that people really think people really want to know what is going on at every moment with there lives. In a way its sort of sick…

Update: Nothing new to update

Well its time for me to go, I have to check my facebook and Linked-In sites.


Update: posting my blog

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