Yesterday I started and finished my blog, and than lost it, my program locked up and I couldn’t do anything… It was frustrating and I just decided I was not in the mood to rewrite what I thought was a good blog, so I will try to recreate that blog today…


A few days ago I was cleaning out my e-mail accounts and ran across an e-mail I sent to myself. It was my mission statement, my personal mission statement that I had to write for an online course I took about priorities.

One of the things I like to do is take online courses to help keep me in a learning mood and to upgrade my abilities. I love to learn, hate home work, but love to learn. So every so often I will look for free opportunities to learn, I’ll search for free online courses to take. Most are a few hours long, some where self paced, but if they are free and interesting I will take them. I love to take courses on personality types or self help type of courses, I have even taken a few Catholic courses.

But back to this mission statement, this particular course was on the 7 habits of effective people, offered free through the company I work at. It was a very good course that made you look at the priorities in your life, hence the mission statement.

So I wrote mine, and sent it to my email and quickly put it away and forgot about it, until the other day when I was cleaning out my email accounts. It was like a lost treasure, I was excited to find it and to re-read it, to see what state of mind I was in at the time. Below is the email I sent myself:


Mission Statement‏

From:  psposite

Sent: Fri 10/17/08 9:56 AM

To:  psposite

What is most important to me?

My Faith in God is the most important thing to me in all I do, if God is the top of my list and the reason and purpose of my mission, I will treat all with respect and love, and I will lead a life of integrity. The mission of my life, regardless of what it is, will always be one of importance, and one of service to God, and my fellow human beings.


Not a bad little mission statement, but have I been living up to it? That was the question. Was God truly the top of my list, was He the most important thing in my life, did I do everything to please Him?

To be honest I would have to say no, that God was not always the top priority of my life, that as a human I have failed, I have sinned. But in recognizing that I also recognize the power of this mission statement. By re-reading it I can now sit down and look over the past and see where I failed, and why I failed. I can take inventory of my life and see where it all falls. Use the information to help me make changes in my life so I can strive to live up to my mission statement.

It’s a daunting task, no question about it. One that most likely will hurt, cause pain deep with in my soul, but one that also can be refreshing.  This mission statement can help to lead me on my Calvary and help me carry my cross to the top of that hill.

I am going to give everyone one here the same assignment, write your personal mission statement and print it out, post it somewhere were you will read it daily, and have your spouse and kids write there own. Than sit down as a family and write your family mission statement, making sure that all family members personal mission statements are incorporated in the the new family mission statement.

Like major companies, mission statements are used to help guide them, to keep them on path. A personal or family mission statement is the same, use it help guide you, to keep you on path.


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