Seed Sowers

YES Magazine Spring 2009 :: Food for EveryoneI read an interesting article this weekend in a magazine called yes!, just to give you a little back ground I ordered a free sample of this liberal magazine, I like to read all sorts of stuff, you never know what you will learn. Anyway back to the topic of this blog, the article I read was on getting back to the basics of farming, no more genetically altered seeds, no more hormone injected cows, back t the way God created it all to start with. Now I for one am for all this, I agree that it should be back to basics, and the arguments they used backed this concept up solidly. Now if we stop and think about it, the left wing liberal idea of back to basics really would be a right wing conservative idea, but that’s for another blog.

The article was well written and presented the facts, leaving out unnecessary political commentary, so i was very pleased. It got me thinking of tons of ways this could be used to build community in a parish, for example you could set aside a plot of parish land for a parish garden where veggies could be grown and given to the parishioners and needy of the community or have a farmers market on the weekends. this would give the parish on opportunity to invite non-parish members in to the parish for a weekend mass. The ideas are plenty, and each would truly be getting back to the basics.

What is more basic than a community growing food together? Teaching our youth how to farm the land, well in truth teaching the city folk adults as well. Setting up a parish food bank to help support the needs of the community, and eating fresh grown veggies that you had a hand in growing. The basics!

I was tempted to bring this up to my parish, but knowing how the powers that be operate I decided that I had better things to do than to hit my head on the wall one more time. The idea of back to basics to them would be to shut the doors at 4:30 and have nothing going on in the parish after hours. So for me to even bring up such an idea would be out of the question.

But the idea still has merit, and it is one I would love to see, a new ministry called seed sowers, of course taken from the parable of the sower of seeds. So who knows, maybe this blog will inspire other parishes and churches to plant a community garden, one worked by all, young and old. Maybe they will use it as an educational tool as well as a community service. Who knows maybe this will inspire someone to create greatness with in there community, and with in there hearts and souls. Happy planting everyone!


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