To walk Humbly with God

To walk humbly with God, How many of us can truly do that, I mean come on, we are walking with GOD….

I know I would have a hard time doing that, I would be telling everyone I met,” Hey, this is God, I’m walking with God”. Sure I would I would tell the whole world, and yes I would be very very proud of myself, for God chose me to walk with Him. I would tell all my friends, I would call them up on my cell phone just so I could tell them, “Hey, know what I’m doing, I’m walking with God”. Be honest with yourself, you know you would. I mean there are only a few people who wouldn’t do that, the Pope maybe, and probably Mother Theresa, but come on, most of us would, I mean, we are just everyday simple people and we are walking with God.

How can one be humble with God taking a stroll with you? How does God expect that to happen, he must know that this is a request that just can’t be met, he can’t really expect us to be humble in his greatness. To a person of faith this is like the biggest event of a life time, to walk with God, and God expects us to be humble, come on! I know I would be strutting like I never strutted before, everyone would know that I was with God just by the way I was walking. Oh, and of course I would keep the profanity out of our conversation, not because God has never heard it, I am sure he has, but out of respect for Him, I mean He is God and all.

As we walked along I would make sure that all his needs are taken care of, you know, if he is thirsty I would get him a bottle of water or pop or whatever he needs, if he wants something to eat, I would make sure he got something, I wouldn’t want God to go hungry on our walk. I would take care of all his needs; I wouldn’t want God to think that I don’t take care of my guest.

Yep, my walk would God would be the best walk ever, I would make sure I told God about all the wonderful things He has created, and I enjoy, I would be sure to point out all the blessings he gave me, just so he knew I was appreciative of his gifts. Yep, when God went back to heaven He would tell Jesus, That Paul, he really make me feel welcomed, he really went out of his way for me.

One thing is for sure, I would make sure that God had a great time with me, and after our walk I would tell everyone what God and I talked about our walk, and I would want everyone to know what God had to say. Our conversation would be a pleasant one, I am sure. God would tell me about his plans for me and for the world, and I would make sure that everyone would know His plans. I am sure God wouldn’t mine me telling everyone, I am sure that God would want me to.

Man, what a day we would have, just God and me on our little walk. But humble, I’m not sure that is do-able, that would be hard. How could I not be overwhelmed by walking with God, How can He expect such a thing. It’s not like I am walking with my sister or friend, or just anyone, it’s God, no way I can be humble, not going to happen.

To walk Humbly with God, that’s what we are called to do, God calls us to do all sort of things in this life, he expects us to feed the poor, take care of the widows and orphans, care for the sick and comfort those who morn and set free the prisoners. The list goes on and on… Now I can do all that and try to be humble, it’s not easy, but it can’t be as hard as walking with God, and being humble. Sure I can send in a check to feed the children, and remain humble, or offer my time for prison ministry and remain humble, but not walking with God, that’s just way to hard.

The bible is full of commands for us, and Jesus tells us how to live out our lives in the new testament, and for the most part what is required of us is basic, stuff life Love other as I have Loved you or that famous one, For what you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me, sure I get that. I feed the hungry I feed am feeding Jesus, I comfort a friend I am comforting Jesus, I think any basic Christian gets that, and I would think that some can even be humble doing that, but to walk humbly with God, that’s different, or is it?

Each day God offers us an opportunity to walk with Him, to feed Him, to Comfort Him, do we take up the task are we up to it, and are we humble doing it. God gives us the opportunity to live out the command “To walk humbly with God”, each day he places in front of us opportunities to practice humility, to hone in our skills and to become a servant of the Lord, to truly be humble in our work.


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