5 letters

5 letters that can destroy a dream, one simple word that can wash away all your hopes, we say it all the time. We use it to brush people off, our kids our spouse work mates whom ever, it’s easy to say, and very effective.

The English language has offered us a word that will allow us to get out, postpone and even neglect our responsibilities. This word can shatter lives and create havoc and uncertainty in our loved ones. This word has power over others; it states nothing but everything all at the same time. And we use it to our advantage; we allow the word to carry away unwanted interruptions and inconveniences.

Can there be such a powerful word? Can one word really say all that? Can 5 simple letters truly shatter dreams and wash away hopes? Is there truly one word that can do all that?

We allow ourselves to be taken in by the words we use, we allow our hopes and dreams to ride on the wave of our words, and one word can, and often times, does wash away our dreams and dashes our hopes.

One work can have that much power. One word DOES…

Have you thought of the word yet? Maybe you need a little more time…. But maybe you don’t, maybe you already thought of it and maybe you’re just scared to say so, because maybe you got it wrong. But maybe you didn’t, maybe you got it right… You just never know, maybe you’re better off not even trying to figure it out.

Got it yet?

We use the word maybe to push aside tasks we don’t want to do, “Maybe I’ll clean the garage next weekend”

We use it do ignore our kids “Maybe I will play ball with you in a little bit”

To hold ourselves back “Maybe I’ll write the book some other time”

To keep God at a distance “Maybe I’ll start praying tomorrow night”

To pacify our spouses “Maybe we will go…”

Maybe this or maybe that, maybe now maybe never….

Maybe, 5 letters that can shatter dreams, what a powerful word…

Starting today take the word maybe out of your vocabulary, remove it, and never use it again, and just maybe you’ll see a change in yourself and others around you. (By the way, I used the word maybe there on purpose, as a joke, it should read, and you will see a change in your life)


One thought on “5 letters

  1. Excellent blog!
    I can think of so many relationships lost… decisions and actions put off… changes in my own life never happening because of that ugly five letter word. This blog brought me to tears.


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