Give yourself a break; take some time off from yourself. Allowing yourself a little bit of free time from your daily challenges of trying to improve yourself is very important. It is one of the many steps one must make in the process of self improvement.

Improving yourself takes lots of energy; it requires that we are constantly aware of our actions, inside and outside of ourselves. We must always be analyzing our actions, changing our direction or moving in to new territories. It can be taxing at best and over whelming most of the time. Just like with any exercise, we must take rest between reps, same holds true when we are exercising our intellect, we must rest between reps.

Rest affords us the energy to carry on when times seem ruff, rest fusel our soul and mind allowing you to continue on the process of change.

No one ever said change is easy, itโ€™s not, it is one of the hardest things you will ever do, and change is not a onetime thing, it should be an ongoing process, one that never ends. Some areas of change will be harder than others.

So today sit down and take a rest, let your mind go free, and allow the day to fill you with new energy, than pick yourself up and start on the process in the morning. Allowing yourself time today will increase your productivity tomorrow. On that note, I am going to take my own advice and take the rest of the day off (mentally speaking). I have used considerable energy this morning on my other blog ( , and feel a tad bit spent. So it is rest for me today, no more changes for me.


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