Solid Ground

Before I start my blog let me ask you a question:

Why do you want to change?

What are your reasons for wanting to change?

Ok, so that was more than “a” question, but in truth both will get to where I want to go. Now, once again before we start in on the body of the blog, respond to the above questions, list your reasons for wanting to change, for wanting to become “A New You”. I’ll wait…….




Ok, got your list? If the “Because it will make me happy” is on your list, or if “I don’t know” is on your list cross them off. If your list contains any ambiguous reason like the two above, cross them off, now be honest, I’ll wait…..



All set? Got your list, or did you end up crossing everything off? If you did, don’t worry, most people have very ambiguous reasons. That’s what this blog is all about…


If we look at the number of people who are trying to change their lives, the number of books sold and seminars attended and the number of blogs written and read, it is staggering. But if so many people are in the process, why do only a select few make it? What is the secret, what do they have that we do not? We read the same books, say they same catch phrases and sometimes even emulate all their actions. But to no end, we still are stuck in our old life, striving to get to the new one. What do they have that we do not?

The question is simple and the secret is really not a secret, but we fail to see it. It’s our reasons, it’s our why we want to’s. What motivates us to work hard at our goal, why do we get up in the morning to read the newest self help book, or log on to the computer to read our inbox or the latest blog entry.

If our reason is week, so will or resolve be. We need a strong reason, something to push us beyond our limits. A week reason serves no purpose; it does not push us, or motivate us to work harder. An ambiguous reason will lead to an ambiguous response. So before you read your next self help book or start down a new path to a new you, sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes and relax, place yourself in a meditative mood and reflect on your reasons for wanting to change. Make a list, and check it twice. Remove any ambiguous reasons. Prioritize them and relate them to tangible goals, with realistic time lines.

You need to find the motivation in yourself, and that motivation comes from the reason for the need to change. Change for change sake never last, it is built on shaky ground, but change for a reason will last, for it is built on solid ground.


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