Spring Fever

Spring fever has set in, I am truly done with winter and the snow and the cold. It can all end now! I want to open my windows up in my house, air it out. I want to sit outside and enjoy my fish pond. I am sick of sitting inside, of felling cold, and sick of my skin being so ruff.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love all the sessions in Michigan, but I must admit the winter seems a tad too long. In my opinion winter can end December 26th.

So what is all this about, what does my issues with the weather have to do with changing in to a new you. I think the feeling I have concerning the weather is the same feeling we have with the whole process of change. We start out enjoying the process, its fun, it’s refreshing and it’s new. But after a little bit of time, it all starts to wear on you.

That’s how I feel now with the snow and the cold, it is starting to wear on me.  I am ready for the sun and warmth. The same can be said for the process of change, I am ready for the comfort of the new me. But like the changing of the sessions, we too will continually changing. And like cabin fever we will have moments of frustration and times that we just want to give in. But like winter, the times will change and we will be in to our spring time of change. A time of new growth and days of sun shine.

I know that this is a long cold hard winter, and for many it may be one filled with storms raging daily, but always be reminded that Spring is on its way, and the lazy days of summer will soon follow. And in your life you will soon know peace.


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