The Way

The year of St. Paul…

This past Sunday the reading for mass was on the conversion of St. Paul, one of the first great evangelists of the Catholic faith. The story of Saul to Paul is a great story; it truly shows that God works in mysterious ways.

Saul, as he was known before his conversion, was on his way to Damasks to persecute the Christians, the followers of Christ. The movement was known as the “way”. I like that, for some reason that really struck me, the “WAY”.

But if you put it simply, Catholicism is the “Way”; it is the Church that Jesus Christ established here on earth. History proves the point and the Gospels point to it.

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The “Way”…

It fits in to so many different scenarios:

1.       I have found the “way”

2.       I have lost the “way”

3.       I know the “way”

4.       I want to know the “way”

5.       I have known the “way”

6.       Teach me the “way”

7.       Be the “way”


And so on, it allows for the imperfection of humanity to exist and allows for the grace of God to priciest. God, in all his glory never seems to stop amazing me, such a simple work, yet so much meaning.


Today I will continue along the path, the “way” to God. I will walk slowly with my hands to my side and my eyes on the path, following the footsteps of Jesus. I will allow Mary, the mother of God, to hold my trembling hand and guide me to her son, whispering soft words of love. Today I will allow the Holy Spirit to wipe the tears of sorrow from my eyes so I can see my “way” down the path of salvation. Today I will continue my journey along the path of the “way”



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