Common Courtesy Top 10 list

Common Courtesy Top 10 list:

1.       Go out of your way to speak to people… Pleasant words are healing

2.       Try to remember their names…It shows you value them

3.       Smile…It  increases your “face value”

4.       Be friendly and helpful… If you do, people will return it

5.       Show genuine interest…You can find something good in almost everyone, if you try

6.       Be generous with your praise and cautious with your criticism

7.       Be slow to judge… There are 3 sides to every story- yours, theirs and the right side

8.       Instead of “using” others, serve them…By love serve one another

9.       Start trusting people – It builds lasting relationships

10.   Be humble. Oswald Chambers said; “When a saint becomes conscious of being a saint, something has gone wrong.”

Jesus said “Live so that [people] will…praise your father” (Mt 5:16)

I wish I could say I wrote the above, but I did not, I got it from am daily devotional a friend gave me.

(The Word for you Today Devotional)

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