That just bugs me….

You ever notice that God does things differently than you would, I mean look at some of his creations, I would have never made the bugs. Really, they bite and, well bug me.  What use are they? Sure the birds and fish eat them, but God could have made them to eat something else, anything else except bugs. But I am sure, some were in God’s plan bugs have a greater purpose than just bird and fish food, I am sure it’s just that I am to simple to understand or see what that purpose is. But really, bugs, they would have been off my list of creation.

God does that with a lot of creation, including humans.  Now I am not stating that I would not have created humans, but I think I would have left off some parts of our creation, some emotions or quirks. Surly we can get by without the emotion of jealousy, name one good thing to come from it? You can’t can you, I know I can’t. And let’s take out the need for ego (edging God out), really what a silly thing the ego is.  This need to feel special or the center of it all, these need to be better than others, what good comes from it? None!

Jealousy and ego are like bugs; they bite and well just bug me. I am sure there is a reason for them both, but I am also sure I am just too simple to see them, and for that I am grateful. I do not consider myself to be neither a jealous person nor a person with a big ego. In fact I try to not be either, I do all I can not to let jealousy seep in to my life and I try to keep my ego at bay. Do I always achieve my goal? No, I am only human after all, and a simple one at that, so it is a daily struggle to do so.

But I do think I do a decent job at it, just ask me and I will tell you (For those of you who cannot tell, I was trying to be funny with that last statement).

We are a fallen race; we have created a way of living that celebrates both jealousy and ego. If a boy friend is not jealous, then he must not really love his girlfriend, if a person has not ego, then they must suffer from low self-esteem, whatever that means.

Nope, I’m not buying that T-shirt. To me it’s just an excuse to be nasty to someone, or demanding, it’s a way to control the people around you. But once again, I am most likely just too simple to understand it all.


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